Waiting for dedo


Reandelar, A.M. (2019), Waiting for Dedo, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

It’s the end of the world as we know it. Word about a Planet Dedo threatening to collide with Earth is sending people in tremendous panic and fear. Meanwhile, somewhere in the province of Romblon, at an old abandoned resort, is Tatay, a widower and his neglected son Tim with his transwoman girlfriend, Rona, all tensioned to be together and embark on a journey for a so-called “safe place”. The three endures the decaying Earth with their few remaining sources of water while waiting for the broken boat that had stopped working. But as the planet nears and the boat remains dormant, the characters begin to think outside the idea of surviving and delve into the more pressing matters like Tim’s relationship with his father. But it’s hard not to fight for one’s own life when in front of an impending doom. And as two worlds collide, so does the ideologies, beliefs and personalities of the characters with each other sending them to a rather tragic end.

Waiting for Dedo follows the theory of postmodernism and juxtaposes the laws of physics with the laws of reality. As postmodernism denies the idea of humanity’s progress dependent on science, the film follows the same sense that at the moment of definitive extinction, what is right and wrong don’t matter anymore

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