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The welcome template

Hi! Thanks for the effort of inserting {{welcome}} template to the pages of new users. Maybe we should insert the template on the user's talk page so that they may be notified that they received a new message, not on the user page, because I do believe that it is reserved for the user's description on himself. Maybe red links of new users will direct us to go into the user's page (if we look down on the tabs below that site). If that happens, we may consider clicking the "discussion" button and plug there the template; thus they will never know that somebody send them a welcome note. in this way, new users may be notified that they received new message that shows our welcome note to him. In any way, thanks for the effort. i am still finding ways as soon as possible to incorporate new ideas to the template, as well as successfully create all the pages linking to such template. Good luck! --Jmtirao 13:06, 10 March 2009 (UTC)