UP Scrabble Club

About Us

The UP Scrabble Club is a non-stock, non-profit organization composed of students from the University of the Philippines. The Club was established in July 15, 2005. Since then, Ms. Ma. Cristina Filio serves as the Club's adviser.

The UP Scrabble Club believes that the game of Scrabble can be a unifying factor among UP students and that it can be a field of specialization (as a sport or recreation).

Specifically, the Club has the following goals.

1) To promote intellectual, moral and social consciousness among its members;
2) To participate in various campus, local, national and international activities that will serve the interest and welfare of its members;
3) To foster a close and harmonious relationship among its members through the different activities that will be conducted by the organization; and
4) To conduct activities that will serve as a leading force for the promotion of Scrabble.


(Academic Year 2010-2011)

Veronica Beltran - President; B Elementary Education (CAE)
Dan Abroguena - Vice President for Internal Affairs and Membership Committee Head; BS Mathematics
Kristjan Lucena - Vice President for External Affairs; BS Materials Engineering
Jo Brianne Louise Briones - Executive Secretary; BS Industrial Engineering
Jan Benedict Nicolas - Treasurer and Finance Head; BS Materials Engineering
Little Hermie Monterde - Tournament Committee Head; BS Mathematics


(Academic Year 2010-2011)

Beb Jansen Poricallan - BS Mechanical Engineering
Sam Marc Manila - BS Occupational Therapy
Jerome Relente - BS English Studies
Mon Jeffrey Transfiguracion - BS Statistics
Jeddahlyn Gacera - BS Mathematics
Jimmy Pelantic - BS Statistics
Don Paolo Navarro - BA Anthropology
Gerald Lloyd Calimutan - BS Statistics
Michael Jude Tumamac - B Secondary Education (CAE, SS); President (2009-2010)
Ronel Geminiano - BS Statistics
Reizel dela Cruz - BS Materials Engineering
Reymar Angelo Victoria - BS Civil Engineering
Alyssa Lim - BS Architecture
Juan Manuel Alcazaren - BA Film; President (2008-2009)
Raffy Hormaza - BS Statistics
Benessa Marie Salonga

Regular Activities

Application - a semester-long process that starts with an orientation, followed by an examination, a tournament attendance, and an induction or final rites. Those who wish to become members of the Club should undergo this process. (See page on Application for more details.)

Training Sessions - a gathering of members of the Club, as well as invited and interested persons, every Saturday from 1pm to 3pm at the CHK Game Board Room to tutor applicants and to prepare for upcoming tournaments.

UPIS Scrabble Club Training - a 45 minute-period where members of the Club tutor members of the UPIS Scrabble Club. This is conducted on the second and fourth Thursday of every month.

Inter-class Tournament - the culminating activity of PE 2 Scrabble classes. The Club facilitates in this activity.

Isko-Rabble - an annual university-wide Scrabble tournament organized by the Club that includes students from PE 2 Scrabble classes as well as other UP students who are in the undergraduate level. This is usually held on the second semester of the academic year.


Applicants' Orientation - Nov. 30, 5:30pm, Film Institute Steps
Intra-Club Tournament - Jan. 15
World Youth Scrabble Tournament - December 8-10
Manila Progressive Round Robin - December 8-10
Philippine International Scrabble Open - December 11
Isko-Rabble 2011 - TBA


http://www.wix.com/upscrabbleclub/site (Official Site)
http://www.facebook.com/iskrabblepeyups#!/profile.php?id=100001223780804 (Facebook)