UP Industrial Engineering Club

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UP Industrial Engineering Club
"Do the Right Thing"
UP IE Club logo
Established December 9, 1967
Type Socio-Academic
Location 3/F Lobby, Melchor Hall, College of Engineering, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City
Department DIEOR
Affiliations Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers, Operations Research Society of the Philippines, Association of Industrial and Management Engineering Students
President Raul Alberto B. Arellano, III
Exec Sec Dionaldo H. Daway, Jr.
Website http://upieclub.org
Contact Us mail@upieclub.org

UP Industrial Engineering Club


Mission, Vision and Values


We direct our passions into developing our members into holistic individuals through programs implemented the IE way that promote academic excellence, social responsibility, transformative leadership and self-mastery.


We aspire to be the premier youth organization that develops in its members the passion to learn, to lead and to serve for the development of the community around them.

Core Values

Commitment Unwavering commitment to an endeavor is the highest expression of passion.
Integrity Maintaining integrity is a manifestation of commitment to doing the right things right.
Service Doing the right things benefit people and contribute to the improvement of society.
Efficiency & Effectiveness Industrial engineering systems improve lives and culminate in doing the right things.
Continuous Improvement Excellence is an active and continuous effort to seek the right things and the right ways.


Tradition of Excellence

The Spirit of 1967

On December 9, 1967 – after years of insufficient representation in student affairs, a group of industrial engineering students decided to ratify a constitution, effectively establishing an organization that would serve the different needs of the Industrial Engineering populace, particularly represent the students of the then-new program, and prepare its members for future service to the nation. The industrial engineering program was still handled by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and the Engineering Student Council was yet to be established. As the only industrial engineering organization during its conception, it joined the Engineering Association Council - an association of organizations that functioned as the student government. The organization acted as the representative for the industrial engineering student body. The organization remained as the sole industrial engineering organization for 9 years.

The organization became the first organization of industrial engineering students in the country. Consistent with their goals, the organization actively participated in student affairs by organizing socially relevant events such as tree planting on Arbor Day. It also helped form the Engineering Student Council in 1971, allowing the representation of all engineering students without the need for affiliation to another student organization. During this period, members began the tradition of consistently joining competitions like Awitan and Indakan.

Reinforcing Identity

The tenth anniversary of the organization was celebrated by the launch of its first major fundraising activity – movie premiers. This can be considered as one of the first film-showing income generating projects organized by a student formation. Before the advent of shopping malls and betamax, movie theaters were limited and watching them at home was not an option. The success provided the organization with funds to further pursue excellence in its other endeavors.

UP IE Club maintained participation in major events around campus. Realizing that competitions are incomplete without competitors, members sought to provide the competition other organizations expect and try to beat. Rallied by the announcement of the awarding of the first Engineering Week Overall Championship in 1985, members performed ecstatically to bring home the first award. This success further established the organization’s dominance and competitiveness, and made participation in Engineering Week an unquestionable part of the organization’s culture.

Celebrating Purpose

As the old century dawned, the organization found itself questioning its purpose. The period of introspection triggered the organization to embrace the changing times. In 1999, the digital presence of the organization was established in and was accompanied by a review of the its divisions and functions. The inertia culminated in 2002 with the establishment of the College Jump-Start Seminar (CJSS), now known as the UP College Admission Mastery Program (UPCAMP), which won the organization its first Ten Accomplished Youth Organization (TAYO) award.

With a renewed sense of purpose, the organization embarked on a mission to create purposeful projects. Rock in Focus started in 2008 to support a scholar in response to the sudden steep hike of tuition. Good Karma began selling shirts in 2012 to support the advocacies of its members. IEAid was launched in 2014 later to help our members develop into excellent industrial engineers. ErgoCon was pioneered in 2016 to become the premier ergonomics conference in the Philippines. This direction was reinforced by the acknowledgement provided by our second TAYO award in 2017 for the IEAid project.

Uniting Diversity

Fifty years after its establishment, UP Industrial Engineering Club continues its tradition of excellence. The organization continues to win with its members who live by its motto, "do the right thing", and their activities that inspire service and holistic development. Despite all its awards and accolades, it’s greatest achievement remains its ability to unite a great collection of students and channel their diversity to pursue one vision and mission.


Pillars of Action

Awards and Recognition

Legacy of Greatness

UP IE Club received the Engineering Organization Excellence Award (EOEA) five out of 15 times; and has also been awarded the title Engineering Week Over-All Champion (EWOC) twenty-nine out of thirty-one awarded EWOCs in 32 years of Engineering Week history. The organization is also involved in socio-civic projects like orphanage visits, care for the children under DSWD and specialised hospitals in Metro Manila, renovation and refurbishment of public education facilities, and building of housing for the homeless. UP IE Club continues to provide free tutorials to public high school students in Quezon City in preparation for college entrance exams since 2003, during which the organization was accredited and awarded by the National Youth Commission as one of the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO). This year, UP IE Club’s Scholarship Fund has come to its completion in sponsoring an incoming freshman for the school year 2010-2011 as a response to tuition fee increase (TOFI) which has deterred less-fortunate students from pursuing an IE education in the University.

Projects and Activities

Continuous Improvement

Clubbers have excelled in both academic and extra-curricular endeavors. IE Club has consistently produced honor graduates and champions in competitions such as the now defunct Engineering Marketing Congress (EMC) and the Philippine Emerging Start-ups Open (PESO). (Since the first EMC in 2005, entries by IE Club members have consistently won the overall championship title, among other awards.) Clubbers have also often held leadership positions in other prominent organizations in the University, such as the University Student Council, the Engineering Student Council, and various auxiliary committees of the College such as the Career Assistance Program for Engineering Students (CAPES), the Engineering Registration Committee (RegCom), and Inhinyero. IE Club received the Engineering Organization Excellence Award in 2007, and has been named Engineering Week Overall Champion 26 out of the 29 times the title has been awarded.

IE Club has been involved in many socio-civic projects including the Gawad Kalinga SAGIP program, and orphanage and hospital visits. Since 2003, the organization has been providing free tutorials to public high school students in Quezon City in preparation for college entrance exams, which has earned for IE Club accreditation by the National Youth Commission as one of the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations.

In 2010, IE Club's Scholarship Fund project reached an important milestone as the organization sponsored its first ever scholar, a freshman for the academic year 2010-2011. The project, which was conceived in response to the recent 300-percent tuition fee increase that has deterred many students from enrolling in the University, provides financial assistance to high school students eager to continue their education in the national university but are hindered by the lack of finances.

Events_ Rock-in-Focus Kaizen

Programs IEAid UPCAMP

Competitions [[Indie Enggineering]

Defunct Lux Ibang Klase

Executive Committee

Current Executives

The Executive Committee
Tenure from May 2019 to May 2020

President Cyrus Ting
Executive Secretary Moses Tan
Vice President for Academics Rafael Nazareno
Vice President for Externals Affairs Perry Go
Vice President for Extracurricular Affairs Joshua Juinio
Vice President for Finance Lana Lee
Vice President for Internal Affairs Gabriel Ramolete
Vice President for Membership Eloi Zaragosa
Vice President for Publicity Gabriel Edralin
Graduating Batch Representative Enzo Estrella
Senior Batch Representative Junel Mondragon
Junior Batch Representative Laura Carpo
Sophomore Batch Representative Marla Abao
Faculty Advisers Adeline A. Pacia
Simon Anthony A. Lorenzo

For the complete documented list, refer to the
List of UP Industrial Engineering Club Officers

The Previous Executive Committee
Tenure from 25 May 2018 to May 2019

President Antonela Gancayco
Executive Secretary Russel Roco
Vice President for Academics Alejandro Go
Vice President for Externals Affairs Janina Jeresano
Vice President for Extracurricular Affairs Kyle Mapalo
Vice President for Finance Anna Martinez
Officer-in-Charge for Internal Affairs Veronica Carrera
Vice President for Membership Enzo Peralta
Officer-in-Charge for Publicity Isabelle Po
Graduating Batch Representative Sofia Caram
Senior Batch Representative Jude Garay
Junior Batch Representative Joshua Juinio
Sophomore Batch Representative
Faculty Advisers

For the complete documented list, refer to the
List of UP Industrial Engineering Club Officers

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External Links

Official Website: http://www.upieclub.org/ Official Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/UPIEClub Official Twitter Account: http://twitter.com/upieclub

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