UP Future Library and Information Professionals of the Philippines (UPFLIPP)

UP Future Library and Information Professionals of the Philippines
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Established August 16, 2002
Type College-based
Location 3/F Floor Gonzalez Hall, UP School of Library and Information Studies, UP Main Library, Diliman, Quezon City
Website http://upflipp.org/
E-mail upflipp.redoma@gmail.com

The UP Future Library and Information Professionals of the Philippines (UP FLIPP) is a socio-academic organization of the University of the Philippines-Diliman based at UP School of Library and Information Studies. It aims to promote excellence in librarianship and increase awareness of librarians' role in today's society.


The University of the Philippines Future Library and Information Professionals of the Philippines, otherwise known as UP FLIPP, was founded on 17 July 2002, the day on which its first organizational meeting was convened. UP FLIPP was the brainchild of Mr. Romulo R. Ubay, Jr. who later became its Founding President. On 16 August 2002, UP FLIPP was officially launched as a socio-academic organization based in the country’s premier library school – the School of Library of Information Studies (formerly the Institute of Library Science from 1961 to 2002 and the Institute of Library and Information Science from 2002 to 2007).

UP FLIPP was founded at a time in which interesting developments in library and information Science (LIS) education were underway at least at the University of the Philippines. UP FLIPP was founded shortly before the college changed its name to Institute of Library and Information Science on 29 August 2002. Since 2000, the college has registered annual increase in enrolment and the revision of the Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) curriculum in early 2002 has further attracted new students to the college. These developments have created a favorable milieu for the emergence of UP FLIPP; although founding the organization was far from easy. The organization has encountered various challenges, especially during its early years, but time has proved that UP FLIPP’s relevance is the very source of its strength and resilience.

The members of the UP FLIPP see themselves as playing a significant role in the promotion and development of their “future profession.” Thus, as LIS students, they believe that it is their noblest contribution to realize and fulfill that role. UP FLIPP envisions that in the near future, there will be an avenue or forum for all LIS students in the Philippines where they will be able to work hand-in-hand in promoting and developing the library and information profession in the country. UP FLIPP has already made a considerable contribution in advancing the profession.

The encouragement and praise that it receives from esteemed professionals themselves confirm the growing recognition of UP FLIPP’s work. LibSpeak, which is one of UP FLIPP’s flagship projects, has now become an anticipated annual event in the LIS community in general. Many of UP FLIPP’s alumni have garnered top spots in the licensure exams, nevertheless, UP FLIPP’s greatest achievement are its members and alumni themselves, who through their involvement with the organization have developed greater concern for and, more importantly, greater pride in their profession.

Organization's VMOPs

The UP FLIPP envisions an organization working in the spirit of cooperation, unity, and responsibility towards the promotion of excellence in the field of Library and Information Science.

The organization’s mission is to instill among the members their stake in the promotion and development of Library and Information Science for the welfare of the students, university and society.

-To promote, enhance and strengthen academic excellence, leadership and solidarity through education, advocacy, and individual initiatives among all members.
-To initiate cooperation among Library and Information Science students in the Philippines, at the same time, making them realize their stake in order to develop mutual interests towards the promotion and development their future profession.
-To serve the students and the country, in general, through the activities and programs that embody the organization’s objectives.

-The UP FLIPP exists to reach out to non-member students, to network them with other Library and Information Science students especially outside the School, to assist them in developing their academic performances and also to improve their other hidden talents that will help in uplifting their future profession.

Major Organization Activities

An annual event aims to give people a new and better perception about the field of library and information science (LIS). Our advocacy in promoting and uplifting the field of LIS for the welfare of the students and the society at large is pushed through informative discussions on topics geared toward the development of the field and some interscholastic contests.

A project that aims to promote librarianship though: 1) creation/maintenance of libraries in rural areas; 2) lectures on library access and/or book reading; 3) seminars on the field of librarianship.

Library Orientation/Tour
Areas of the SLIS Library and Main Library were explored participated by freshmen, transferees and shifters for their more knowledge of the facilities. They are introduced to the staff, the materials contained in each section, and taught how to borrow such mat erials when needed.

Executive Committee

Academic Year President VP for Internal Affairs VP for External Affairs Executive Secretary Treasurer
2016-2017 Quiella Landicho Ianne Cobico Jor Mercado Idelle Sablay Lucan Eugenio
2015-2016 Lean Gonzales Ianne Cobico Quiella Landicho Psalm Domingo Mac Avila
2014-2015 Marijoy Liwag Lean Gonzales Czarina Enarsao Johannah Razal Christian Racines
2013-2014 Nathaniel Lumbre Alexis Louis Dujua Jerwin Joshua Olid Nonalu Sareena Abao Neowy Lindsay Castillo
2012-2013 Chad Aren Diaz Jonathan Lanuza Dianne Rozul
2011-2012 Jor-el Paragua Chad Aren Diaz John Ronald Almoniña Mark Elizier Pineda Angelie dela Cruz
2010-2011 Martin Julius Perez
2009-2010 Kelvin Samson Giancarlo Piquero Jill Anne Adolfo Martin Julius Perez Theo Rafael Aman
2008-2009 Geexie Giray
2007-2008 Dia Marie Evangelista
2006-2007 Carlos Eclevia Ma. Veronica Antonette Silagpo Maria Amihan Papa Mary Joy Manahan Dia Marie Evangelista
2005-2006 Karlo Martin Robosa Chiara Rica Tolentino Lourdes Christine Fernandez Hazel Mary Rodelas Mark Anthony Rone
2004-2005 Carlos Eclevia Stephen Kyler Manliclic Jeffrey Merana Janette Cansancio Karlo Martin Robosa
2003-2004 Jeffrey Merana Stephen Kyler Manliclic Clarivic Dominguez Ma. Georgina Rovira Gabrielle Vicente
2002-2003 Romulo Ubay Johanna Fe Ocampo Cheerly Rosal Angelica Cabaddu Johanna de Castro

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