UP Atin 'To September 2021 Episodes

UP Atin To September 2021 Episodes

Date Episode Guest/Speaker
September 2, 2021 Safe and sustainable transport Dr. Ricardo G. Sigua,
UP National Center for Transportation Studies, College of Engineering
September 20, 2021 Engkwentro: DZUP sa Diliman Commune noon at ngayon Professor Emeritus Jose 'Butch' Dalisay Jr. and DZUP Producers,
September 21, 2021 Art as commemoration and art as dissent: Private histories into public art Toym Imao,
University Artist
September 22, 2021 Teaching/Learning: Old and New Relationships in New Environment, Redefining Roles Learning & Teaching Carl Dave Anthony Sayat,

Chryl Martinez,
Media Professional Educator
September 23, 2021 Our homes as Learning Spaces Teacher Ronna Mae Rodriguez,
UP Child Development Center
September 24, 2021 Education in the Better Normal with Radyo Edukado Prof. Maria Vanessa P. Lusung-Oyzon, PhD.
Prof. Maricris Acido-Muega, PhD.
Prof. Michael Arthus Muega, PhD.
September 27, 2021 Ang Pamilyang Pilipino Sa Panahon Ng Krisis Asst. Prof. Erickson M. Maclid,
UP Department of Family Life and Child Development
September 29, 2021 Strategizing Science and Math Education with Go Teacher Go Ma. Lourdes S. Agad and Renz Salas,
Go Teacher Go / UP NISMED
September 30, 2021] Pro-Active Consciousness and Environmentalism Jin Milenium Perez,
UP Green League, INC