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About Us

The University of the Philippines Association of Chemistry Majors and Enthusiasts (UP ACME) is a non-political, non-stock, non-profit, student-oriented academic organization based in the Institute of Chemistry, College of Science, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City. ​

Established in 1997, UP ACME is aimed at promoting academic excellence while developing leaders with high sense of responsibility, which is exemplified by promoting camaraderie and well-rounded development among its members, and undertaking activities for the promotion and appreciation of Chemistry. ​

Dissolved in 2006 but was reestablished two years later, UP ACME continues to safeguard its honor, maintain its integrity and promote a sense of loyalty among its members, led by the member-elected Executive Committee which, through collective efforts, help in enhancing the physical, intellectual and social well-being of its members.

UP ACME fulfills a legacy of excellence by the roster of its motivated members, mentored by senior adviser Guillermo Nuesca, Ph.D. and junior adviser Lawrence John Paulo Trinidad, geared at uplifting Chemistry in the Philippine setting.

Executive Committee


Academic Year 2014 - 2015


Al Ace I. Balatico

Vice Chairperson

Faye Arielli C. Butaran


Kristhina Regine O. De Ocampo

Academics Committee Head

Ronny L. Cheng

Finance Committee Head

Robbin Rebecca C. Lisondra

Membership Committee Head

Emmanuel Enric M. Sanqui

Publicity Committee Head

Jose Nickolo O. Perez

Senior Faculty Adviser

Guillermo M. Nuesca, Ph. D.

Junior Faculty Adviser

Lawrence John Paulo L. Trinidad



The Academics Committee of ACME spearheads activities which are geared towards the promotion of academic excellence within the Chemistry community of the University. These are in the form of Chemistry-based quiz bees, symposia, and class tutorials.

Ronny L. Cheng

Jeri Ian M. Abdon

Antonio C. Bonga III

Faye Arielli C. Butaran

Christian Z. Cariño

Efreihm Jovi T. De Guzman

Ric Michael P. De Vera

Searle Aichelle S. Duay

Jasper S. Dumalaog

Ninna Clarice B. Evangelista

Jokent T. Gaza

Patricia Nyn L. Heruela

Lizette S. Mella

Ralph John Emerson J. Molino

Charleen Grace R. Kam

Leonardo N. Sibal, III

Carlo A. Tac-an


The Finance Committee spearheads fund-raising activities and maintains the financial account of the organization. It is composed of thirteen members which makes sure to raise enough money for all the events of the organization. The committee holds different income-generating projects such as bake sale and shirts sale.

Robbin Rebecca C. Lisondra

Michelin C. Ang

Abbygaile T. Beo

Frances May L. Coralde

Aira Sacha Nadine S. Ferrer

Audrey S. Garcia

Julienne Blaise C. Legaspi

Patricia Anne A. Lim

Monica B. Mabituin

Keyfej C. Ramos

Criza Mae M. Repolles

Steffi Mellisse M. Tan

Mark Eric C. Trinidad


The Membership Committee focuses on the internal affairs of the organization. It has three primary jobs: (1) to recruit and train applicants to become full-pledged members, (2) to ensure the well-being of the current members, and (3) to keep in touch with the alumni. The committee also takes pride of its proactive members, always happy to serve fellow ACMEms with a smile and pushing everyone to the edge… towards excellence.

Emmanuel Enric M. Sanqui

Alleli Denise R. Albarico

Carol Jean A. Antonio

Al Ace I. Balatico

Jenny Wendy S. Balbuena

Micoh Girio D. Bringera

Shaira R. Dy

Joseph Matthew D. Estrella

Alvin C. Magallanes

Fevie Ann B. Ramos

Donnifer V. Reyes Jr.

Karyl Clarice S. Salas

Nadya Patricia E. Sauza

Lianne Elizabeth A. Suero


The Publicity Committee is responsible for the promotion of the organization and its events. It is composed of artists and writers who lead the production of announcement posters, exhibits, newsletters, and other information paraphernalia. The committee is also responsible for the creation of the organization's merchandise designs.

Jose Nickolo O. Perez

Chester Angelo R. Alas

Patrick Josemaria d.R. Altavas

Kristhina Regine O. De Ocampo

John Carl V. Gatdula

Jaimie P. Loja

Mary Joyce M. Narciso

Mary Angelica G. Ordoñez

Robert Jervine V. Ortega

Kenn Ryu Q. Palines

Windol Charls C. Santos

Jose Roberto P. Sto. Domingo

Trizzia Michelle A. Tiwaquen

Edvalynn Marielle J. Yan



HSM: Hanep sa Science at Math

HSM: Hanep sa Science at Math! is a math and sciences quiz bee for public non-science high schools in Metro Manila. The contest aims to promote the appreciation of natural sciences and to recommend math and science courses as prospective college degrees.


Chem Immersion

Chem Immersion is an annual on-the-job training (OJT) seminar especially prepared for the third year Chemistry students of the Institute of Chemistry, UP Diliman, in line with the summer practicum undergraduate requirement. ​

The seminar is conducted in collaboration with the adviser for the upcoming Chem 197 summer practicum course. Moreover, several senior chemistry students from the same institute share their experiences and insights regarding their own summer practicum. Through this, the seminar aims to provide students with preliminary knowledge on the list of chemical companies, industries, and institutions they might wish to perform their summer practicum.


Are You Ready to CHEMpete?

Are You Ready To CHEMpete? is an annual event which is open to all students currently taking the subject Chem 17 in the given semester. ​

Participants initially undergo a preliminary written elimination round, wherein the top-scoring teams advance to the quiz bee-type format final round. This event serves to foster teamwork and critical thinking among its participants, while at the same time testing and building on the foundations of students’ knowledge regarding Chem 17 topics.


Oh Chem Gee!

Oh-Chem-Gee! is a chemistry trivia quiz bee open to all students of the university. ​

It consists of chemistry-related questions about popular culture, serving as a refreshing and lighthearted break from the discipline and rigors of the academe.



PatiCHEM is a food-eating contest open to all students of the university.



Following the Filipino tradition of fiesta, Kimikain is the culmination of ACME Week, celebrating through food. Lunch is prepared and served by the organization for the faculty and staff of the Institute of Chemistry in gratitude for their support. Students are also invited to join the event for promotion of the organization to the student body.



Free laboratory gown washing for students taking up laboratory classes.


Getting Ready for the Marathon: An Undergraduate Thesis Symposium

The Undergraduate Thesis Symposium is an avenue wherein professors based in the Institute of Chemistry share their current and upcoming projects, which BS Chemistry students may base upon for their thesis.


Akapnayan is the organization's annual charity event, which aims to give back to the community and to also promote the study of Chemistry to the youth.

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