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In the middle of a busy city, a street gang, dubbed as Batang Hamog, prepares for another plan of stealing headed by their notorious leader, Monyo. What motivates the group to do such unlawful act is their loyalty to their master Datu, a prisoner. Though in prison, Datu can get in and out freely as he is treated as an errand boy by the policemen. When he goes out of jail, he takes this as an opportunity to meet his group and sets up plans with them to get big money. Meanwhile, also part of the gang is Elay, a street kid with physical disability. Elay is constantly being ridiculed and laughed at due to his condition. The group gets caught stealing one night. Datu tries to warn them but is unsuccessful.

Galban, F. C. and Pelon, A. L (2012). Tirada, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Keywords: street children, gang, exploitation, child abuse, batang hamog, fliptop

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Subject Index : Drama action--Philippines