Tips on Running, Jogging, Brisk Walking on Campus

The University of the Philippines Diliman Campus is one of the best places in Metro Manila for running, jogging, walking and other leisurely activities. These activities are congenial to the life of the mind. It is important that certain practices are observed for the campus to remain a haven for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Don't spit on the road. Your saliva is a public health hazard to joggers, runners, walkers.
  • Dispose of your water bottles properly.
  • Cigarette smoking is strictly prohibited at the campus.
  • The Academic Oval is shared with bikers and pedestrians. Watch out for speeding bikes and runners.
  • The Academic Oval is closed on Sundays and special occasions, and many non-UP people use it. It may not be a good idea to practice for your 100-m dash competition then on the Academic Oval.

Brisk Walking

  • Brisk walking means walking at a pace sufficient to raise your heart rate for cardiovascular endurance. The Academic Oval is the best track on campus for brisk walking.

Running and Jogging

  • For running that requires a variety of inclines, you may consider the farthest roads on campus (North and Northeast of the Academic Oval).
  • For joggers in the evening (in areas North and Northeast of the Academic Oval), some households there release their dogs at night.


  • It may not be appropriate to stop runners just so you can ask for directions on campus.