The Celebrification of UAAP Athletes

Verzosa, P.P.G. (2017). The Celebrification of UAAP Athletes. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis. University of the Philippines, Diliman, College of Mass Communication.

ABSTRACT This study delves into the important production of individuals as celebrities in society particularly athletes. The study’s major objective is to analyze the role of media in the celebrity-making process of UAAP athletes as well as the rationale, implications and manifestations associated to it. It sought to determine the definition of a celebrity, why they are commodified, why they are consumed and how sports and athletes are not an exception to commercialization and celebrification of athletes. An integration of Richard Dyer’s Star Theory was used as the framework of this study in order to deduce how UAAP athletes are portrayed, created and sold. The UAAP league, celebrity athletes and media practitioners associated to the league were the variables in the research. A qualitative interview approach was utilized in order to understand the celebrification process because it provided primary accounts and As for the UAAP league, what sets it apart is its themes of honesty, heritage, affinity and tradition. The research has proven that these themes also translated into the culture of celebrification of UAAP by athletes by celebrating their talents, excellence and honor rather than merely their physical appearances. The culture of celebrification is rooted in a profit-based industry thus apart from celebrating sports and the Filipino athlete, financial gain is one of the reason why athletes are commodified and sold. The results of this study will furthermore contribute to the rise of Philippine sports and will give insight on how athletes can fall into the celebrification process.

Keywords: UAAP, Student, Athletes, Celebrification, Star Theory

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