That Thing Called Dating: An Exploration of Dating Among Filipino Young Adults

Osorio, M., Someros, M. (2016). That Thing Called Dating: An Exploration of Dating Among Filipino Young Adults, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines Diliman College of Mass Communication.

This research explores what constitutes dating among Filipino young adults in urban and rural areas at present. Dating has been unclear to many in the current times. This study explores the dating scene in terms of motivation, meeting channels, types of dating, rituals and patterns, and influences. To evaluate what Filipino dating among young adults, survey and focus interviews were conducted in urban and rural areas. Aside from the conventional levels of relationship, testing is found to be very apparent among young adult Filipinos as they attempt to have a more intimate relationship with the other party. It is the trial and error stage that determines if the partners are attuned to each other and it is where they make the decision if the relationship is proceeding in more intimate levels. Using the cultural lag theory and script theory as grounds of this inquiry, it has been found that the young adults have not completely adapted to the new media platform of meeting potential partners and practicing new rituals with regards to dating. However, the Filipino dating scene is in the process of transitioning from the traditional to modern practices may it be in rural or urban areas.

Keywords: dating, filipino dating, young adult dating, dating scripts, cultural lag

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