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Student Action for Responsive Leadership in Tourism
Established January 2006
Category Socio-Political Organization
Founding Chairperson Chalkie Castro
Incumbent Chairperson Christine Joy Boller
Location Flag of the Philippines.pngQuezon City, Philippines
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Student Action for a Responsive Leadership in Tourism, better known as START-AIT is a socio-political organization based in the Asian Institute of Tourism. It is currently the leading formation based at the Asian Institute of Tourism in the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Composed of tourism majors dedicated towards a better AIT and more relevant leadership, START aims to provide the students an alternative towards a Student Council that is founded upon the principles of service, transparency, accessibility, responsiveness and thorough consultation. As a member organization of KAISA - Nagkakaisang Iskolar Para sa Pamantasan at Sambayanan (KAISA), START prides itself as a formation not only committed to leadership within the bounds of the AIT but more importantly, a leadership that rises above challenges in and outside of the university.


The history of the Asian Institute of Tourism Student Council politics is not exciting or even appealing. For about a decade, there’s only one political party running and being elected. The year 2006 changed the over-all history of AIT-SC politics when a junior tourism student, Carl Francis “Chalkie” Castro saw a need to have an accountable, honest and transparent student council.

With the help of Carmi Villanueva (former Travel Society president and alumna of Sigma Delta Phi), UP START was born after a 2-hour discussion with Emil Tapnio (Alpha Phi Beta & KAISA founding chairperson), Abdel Jamal Disangcopan (Upsilon Sigma Phi) and Primo Morillo (Sanlakas-Youth) on January 31, 2006. Among the founding members are Andrew Tengonciang, Angel Lam Ko, Joan Cale, Loree Sicat, Ren Maristela, Sheilah Josafat, Kathlene Marin and Gieleen Resurreccion.

START AIT in AIT-SC has spearheaded many projects and programs that have gained widespread recognition in AIT, such as AIT shirt sale, AIT lanyard sale, Career Assistance Management Series (CAMS), AIT Month with Mr. and Ms. AIT, AIT Idol, and its culminating party DeTOUR. It was thru START AIT in the AIT-SC that the AIT-SC Constitution has been amended to include 2 more members in the position of Councilors and for the AIT-SC to have its logo.

Past non-elected presidents of START AIT are founding president Chalkie Castro (2006-2007), Tanya Villarente (2007-2008) and Ly Guevara (2009-10, 2010-11). CJ Boller (2011-2012) is the first elected president after the ratification of START Constitution in 2011. For 2011 onwards, START AIT aims to launch relevant campaigns, services, and advocacies that are independent but complementary to the council’s. To cite some, START is excited to launch its SUPER IKOT campaign and is preparing for START Debate Series.


The principles of START AIT are encapsulated in the word START:

  • Service
  • Transparency
  • Accessibility
  • Responsiveness
  • Thorough Consultation.

Asian Institute of Tourism Student Council Campaign

START AIT is the leading formation on accountable, honest, and transparent leadership in AIT. Since its inception in 2006, AIT students have continuously trusted the party and catapulted its members to the AIT Student Council (AIT-SC). The AIT-SC draws majority, if not all, of its officers from the party’s fold.

The list of elected Chairpersons of AIT-SC from START AIT includes John Almeda (2008-2009), Chorva David (2009-2010), Kc Chan (2010-2011), and JC Danganan (2011-2012).

For the list of AIT Representative to the University Student Council (USC) that comes from START AIT, it includes Mae Mangaoang (2007-2008), Chorva David (2008-2009), Sheena Botiwey (2009-2010), JC Danganan (2010-2011), and Shaina Santiago (2011-2012).

START Members in the Asian Institute of Tourism Student Council for Academic Year 2012-2013 are the following:

  • AIT-SC Chairperson: Christine-Joy "CJ" Boller
  • AIT-SC Vice-Chairperson: Danielle Grace "Danj" Lopez
  • AIT-SC Councilors:
    • Joyce Marian Magsino
    • Quennie Mynette Lao
    • Anna Grace Tayag
    • Arthur Jarold Rañola
    • Paulo Riel Sotto
  • 4th Year Representative: Darline Salazar
  • 3rd Year Representative: Myca Bonoan
  • 2nd year Representative: Po Teresa Santiago
  • AIT Representative to the USC: Erika Mary Erro

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The outgoing START-AIT Chairperson is Christine-Joy "CJ" Boller, a junior Tourism major and incoming Asian Institute of Tourism Student Council Chairperson (2012-2013).

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