Signatories of Disbursement Vouchers

From Iskomunidad

30 July 2008


To : All Deans, directors and Heads of Units

Subject : Signatories on Disbursement Vouchers

In view of the increasing number of Disbursement Vouchers whose payee is the same as the signatories on Box A or Box C, we would like to reiterate the memorandum issued by then Vice-Chancellor for Administration, Dr. Perla E. Legaspi, dated 9 january 1997 regarding policies/procedures in the preparation and processing of voucher, as follows:

1. For voucher in payment of salaries and compensation, MOOE and Capital Outlay not exceeding P20,000.00, the approving officer on Box C shall be the dean, director or head of unit. For voucher over P20,000.00, the approving authority shall be the Vice-Chancellor for Administration. 2. Signatories on Box A may be the Administrative Officer, Administrative Assistant, Secretary, or any responsible member of the staff but who shall be different from the signing authority on Box C.

3. No two signatories should appear on the voucher, i.e., no two boxes shall be signed by the same person.

4. Unless so specified in their notice of appointment, Officer-In-Charge are authorized to approve (on Box C) for amounts not exceeding P5,000.00, the voucher, shall be countersigned on Box C at OVCA.

Further, this is also to reiterate Memorandum No. MVG-06-06 dated 18 August 2006 regarding compliance with Section 50 of GAAM which states that: "Key duties of functions such as authorization, custody and accounting shall be assigned to seperate offices and individuals to eliminate opportunities to conceal errors and irregularities."

All claimants of payments should not be one and the same person who will sign on the Disbursement Voucher.

For your Guidance.