Si Mamang at si Papang

Si Mamang at si Papang (2014)

Mariano, S. L. (2014). Si Mamang at si Papang, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

Si Mamang at si Papang is about Josef, a kleptomaniac private duty nurse who leads a meaningless life, until on one odd day she steps into Mamang and Papang’s home. A replacement for his regular nurse, Josef is tasked to care for Papang, a comatose patient, with a loving and protective wife, Mamang. As it turns out, Josef and Papang share the same name which leads Mamang to project her longing onto Josef. On the other hand, Josef feels she is being watched by Papang as she steals things throughout the house. Grounded on semiotics and psychoanalysis, this film aims to explore meaning making and the concept of lack. Its objective is to highlight the ability of memory to charge even the most mundane things, as well as the different kinds of love that a person can experience.

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