Sandali, Magpapahangin Lang

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Sandali, Magpapahangin Lang


Sulicipan, D.G. (2014). Sandali, Magpapahangin Lang, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

“Sandali, Magpapahangin Lang” tells the story of Kit and the three instances that he passes by a provincial stopover before going home. The Present Kit is a senior high school student on his way home after a college campuses tour with his batch mates. As he dwells on what course to take for college, he has a conversation with Julie, the class valedictorian, who shares with him the uncertainty he feels. The Past Kit is a kid on his way home with his quarrelling parents. With a budding interest in photography, he marvels at the strangers in the stopover despite the indifference of his parents. The Future Kit is a bitter man on his way to check on objects he might have left at his parents’ house, much to the dismay of his wife back in Manila, who keeps on calling him. The three instances happen on the same plane, sometimes directly interacting, sometimes merely passing by each other.

The film functions to show the importance of unremarkable moments in one’s life in relation to the whole. It emphasizes simple actions that reverb throughout one’s life, affecting an individual deeply no matter how unaware the individual is during the moment.

Keywords: Chaos, Desire, Mundane, Meandering

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