Title: Recollections

Abstract: A woman is reminded of her childhood dreams when her troubled teenage niece spends the night. Using elements of Psychoanalysis and Magical Realism, the film shows the struggle between personal desires and external pressures like family and social expectations. Steph is an independent working adult in a routinary life. This constancy is shaken when Ana, her niece and an aspiring musician struggling against the expectations of her parents, stays at Steph's place for a few days. Ana gradually triggers memories from Steph’s childhood, a time in which her dreams of painting and pursuing art were very much alive. It dawns on her that she has become just like those who repressed her dreams as a child. As more memories resurface, she gives in to her itching desire to paint. In the end, Steph decides to persuade her brother to let Ana keep her goals. She then starts painting again.

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