Title: Puto


This thesis is that of a narrative film, and it is about a volleyball player who’s emotionally bothered during his team’s big game because of events that happened to his brother the week prior to the game. He and their mother often scold the little brother for his late-night whereabouts, but feel helpless upon the little brother’s death. Eventually, the volleyball player decides to lead his into victory, and then cries at the end while his teammates celebrate the win.

This thesis explores the feeling of loss, and the struggle of accepting and moving on from that loss, before eventually forcing oneself to do them, but also while accepting everything that has happened in order to be able to move on.

This film uses semiotics in order to further establish the emotions and the relationships between the characters, and it also presents its premise in a parallel editing format.

Key Words: Volleyball, EJK, Puto, Slums

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