Production Notes--Great Ideas Project

Pre-Event Activities

  • communication workshop with top 5 professors
  • production of speaker's briefing materials

Check list


  • lighting
  • sound. pls watch out for bad speaking habit of blowing air into the mic or asking the question "is this working?". speaker is assured by the tech team that everything works 100%! :)
  • podium
  • chairs for the nominees and emcee
  • backdrop (enlarge GI poster on tarp or projected image)


  • how many cams? -- at least 3 (center, left & right)
  • 1 video mixer
  • 1 audio mixer
  • scaffold for cameras or at least table (cams should be elevated so as not to catch audience heads or people crossing)
  • sturdy tripods


  • LCD panel?
  • recruitment booth for sponsors (co-presenters only)?


  • 2-3 mins word from UP official?
  • "intermission"? - 2-3 mins AVP on the significance of the event
  • if the nominees have material to project on screen during their talk?
  • script

Online stream

  • feed to different unit that has facility (eg. College of Science Auditorium)


  • stand-bye power?
  • emcee
  • radio communication device for production team (camera, lights, stage director)

Production Committees

AVP Set/Stage Design Script Workshop
Head: Nap Amaiz Head: Ohm David Head: Ferdinand Pitagan Head: Kenneth Jamandre
Members: SPECA Members: Members: Members:


August 16 End of nominations
August 27 SPECA to present sample AVP interview of professor
August 30 Send notifications to top 20 nominees, call for abstracts and send info pockets
September 15 Deadline for submitting abstracts
September 20 End of voting
September 21 Send notification to top 5
September 24 - 29 Speakers' workshop
October 04 Installation of set ( Technicals, Projectors, Video group)
October 05 General Rehearsal
Afternoon: Technical rehearsal

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