Pinay dream

From Iskomunidad

ABSTRACT Paguntalan, J. P. (2013). Pinay Dream, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication Helen, a poor salesgirl from the Philippines, dreams of someday marrying a foreigner. She believes that with Fil-American or Amerasian features, doors will open for a lucrative and successful career in acting or modeling for her future offspring. Their beauty will provide them hope for a secure financial future. She meets John thru on-line dating, an American businessman, whom she marries after a brief courtship. She then migrates to the U.S. with John. Helen encounters extreme disappointment, difficulties and challenges brought about by her marriage and new surroundings. The character of Helen centers on the feminist film theory. This theory espouses the promotion of social, political, monetary and artistic equality between men and women. The issue of traditional gender roles plays an important part in the story since John, a strict patriarch, forces Helen to become domesticated-a plain housewife. However, Helen herself desires to forge a career outside the confines of their home in order to achieve financial independence from John. Issues of gender stereotyping and patriarchy will also be depicted in the film. Helen’s dream to marry a foreigner is grounded on the postcolonial theory. There is continuation of colonialism by means of economic, social, cultural and linguistic influences by the colonizer, long after independence has been attained by the colonized. This colonial mentality is manifested by our standard of beauty, wherein Caucasian features are deemed more beautiful than Filipino and Asian looks.

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