Panata sa Likod at Harap ng Maskara

From Iskomunidad


Loyola, N. L. M. (2015). Panata sa Likod at Harap ng Maskara, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

The film revolves around the subject, Mel Manalili, a seaman in his mid-forties, who participates in the yearly Lenten Rite in the province of Marinduque. He portrays a Morion, the Roman Soldiers that oppressed Jesus, during the entire week. These people wear heavy masks in order for them to copy the face of the soldiers but also, to cover their faces as they fulfill a vow.

The film is self-reflexive in such a way that, this film encapsulated the filmmaker’s journey to a land that was once familiar to him to explore more about the concept of ‘panata’ among the people that portray a Morion. The film also exhibited religious fanaticism to some interviewees.

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