Okay Lang Ako


Okay Lang Ako


FRANCISCO, I.G. (2017), Okay Lang Ako, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

The film sheds light on insomnia and attempts to visualize the experience of sleep paralysis, illnesses that are often trivialized as products of bad sleeping habits and thus, not always properly treated. The film also presents the possible dangers of self-diagnosis, especially the habit of searching through the Internet for answers that should be sought from actual professionals, even resorting to taking medication that ought to be prescribed solely by doctors, and how it only makes the problem worse. The film has three main color palettes: blue, which signifies the main character's frustration toward her inability to sleep before taking sleeping pills, yellow, which signifies her new-found zest for life after taking her first pill, and gray, which signifies her downward spiral as she desperately and naively holds on to the notion that these pills are the only solution to her problems, slowly seeing that it's done her more harm than good.

Key Words: insomnia, sleep paralysis, sleeping pills, self-diagnosis, self-medication, mental illness, nightmares, Okay Lang Ako, Iggy Francisco, Irene Grace Francisco

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