Oda Sa Mga Nangangarap

From Iskomunidad


Jamisola, J.M.C. (2015). Oda Sa Mga Nangangarap, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

A machine capable of recording ideas directly from the mind is invented; its end products are similar to movies and are called “dreamies”. Joseph, an out-of-work comedian suffering from depression, applies as test subject for former studio mogul Panaginip Pictures and uses the machine to learn if he still has the gift to make people laugh.

Oda Sa Mga Nangangarap utilizes psychoanalysis, with focus on the oneiric aspect of film theory, and media construction of everyday reality as lenses in showcasing the mind of the entertainer through the medium he is working in, as well as how media as an industry commodifies the entertainer and his craft.

Keywords: Surreal Comedy, Science Fiction, Comedy, Entertainer, Dreams, Dreaming

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