Macho Gwapito

From Iskomunidad


Hernandez, M. (2015). Macho Gwapito, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Macho Gwapito is a character documentary about Raul Villareal, a veteran barber, who talks about how he has been able to groom some of the most powerful men in Philippine politics. In the film, he shares stories of his experiences as a local government official and his philosophy towards politics and life in general. The film explores the concept of machismo in the fields of politics and barbery, both male-dominated fields in the Philippines. The film is structured around the ideological concept of a “complete man”. It aims to highlight the presence of sexism, deeply rooted in Philippine culture, which may be perceived by many as beneficial, but has underlying consequences seen in the connotations of male dominance and stereotyping.

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