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Lacuna is the story of a male nurse in a mental institution whose life turns upside down upon the arrival of a new female patient. Through their encounters, more is revealed about the nurse, his dark past, and the guilt he carries around with him. In the end, he ends up destroying himself. It is then revealed that he was a patient in the mental institution all along, living under the persona of a nurse.

The use of a character living under a different persona in the film is supposed to show how one living under a certain stereotype struggles to break the stigma. The institution is a smaller scale of society wherein everyone under it has a certain role and accompanying name to it. The death of the nurse is symbolic of how one never actually escapes stereotypes.

Gaddi, A.R.T. (2012) Lacuna, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines, College of Mass Communication

Keywords: Anima, Social Construction of Reality

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