Kusina ni Clara

Ferriols, E.L.N.N. (2014), Kusina ni Clara, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

Kusina ni Clara tells the story of Clara who is forced to stay at her grandmother Lucing’s house for the weekend after finding out her parents had just separated. Lucing, wanting to console and communicate with her granddaughter, does so in a way she knows and does best: through her cooking. However, a cold and aloof Clara is quiet in the presence of her grandmother and denies what is laid before her. But when a tragedy sparks something inside Clara, she decides to eat her grandmother’s cooking for the first time and realizes where the real flavor of Lucing’s dishes comes from.

The film is a retelling of this moment in Clara’s life in the form of a modern day cooking show.

Keywords: Cooking show, Food, Memory, Narrative, Reflexive Film, Family

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