Ibang Daan Pauwi

Title: Ibang Daan Pauwi


Laguda, K. J. (2018). Ibang Daan Pauwi, Unpublished Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication, Quezon City.

Ibang Daan Pauwi tells the story of Mejos, a construction worker in Manila in his late 20s, who needed to come home to his ill mother in Cavite. Along the way, he loses his wallet and was also rejected to take a ride home despite his pleads and negotiations. He then resolves to walk his way home. After walking under the scorching sun, he meets Angel, a prostitute who offers to help him look for money as long as he takes her with him. Night comes and they both face unexpected situations as they walk in the streets of Manila. The film is a critique to the city of Manila under the current political context. Following Italian Neorealism, the film presents the illusion the city creates that no matter how familiar people are with it, Manila is still a disorienting place.

Key Words: Italian Neorealism, Neorealism, Manila, Mejos

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