How to add ChemVantage to an UVLe course

How to add ChemVantage to an UVLe course

1. In your course page, click Turn Editing on
2. Add an activity by clicking the Add an activity or resource
3. Under Activity Menu, select External Tool then click Add button

You will be redirected to the External Tool Settings page

4. Activity Name - it is user-defined
5. External tool type - choose Automatic, based on Launch URL
6. Launch URL -
Note: Once you put the link on the launch url text box, you must see this notification: Noti chemvantage.png
7. Launch Container - set Default

On the Privacy settings,
8. Just mark the three options, by default.
9. Click the Save and display button, and you should be seeing this page:

Course chemvantage.png

10. Select the appropriate activity (quiz or homework) for a particular topic in order for the students to be directed correctly to the relevant page.

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