Environmental Seminar on Self Monitoring

The seminar aims to fully equip your PCOs with the knowledge of accomplishing SMRs based on the prescribed format of EMB that will also be applicable to their facility and establishment. Compliance to the legal requirements of the environmental strategies is indeed crucial to detect and correct possible environmental violations.

As one of the primary sources of compliance information, accredited Pollution Control Officers (PCOs) were tasked to prepare a Self Monitoring Report with accordance to the format set by Environmental Management Bureau (EMB). Properly accomplished SMR allows firms and establishments to demonstrate their compliance with various environmental regulations (e.g. PD 984, PD 1586, RA 6969, and RA 8749) and at the same time allowing EMB to confirm or validate the firms’ and establishments’ compliance to such regulations.

This one-day training program will utilize lecture-discussion, workshop and open forum to give participants a significant body of information regarding these issues and the opportunity to raise matters with which they are most concerned. Comprehensive course notes will be provided as well to each participant to further facilitate their knowledge about this matter.