Cosplay subcultures and communities through social media in the philippines

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Cosplay Subcultures and Communities through Social Media in the Philippines


Rodriguez, M. P. C. (2019). Cosplay Subcultures and Communities through Social Media in the Philippines (Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis). College of Mass Communication, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City.

This study aims to examine how Filipino anime cosplayers use the social media sites such as Facebook to form online cosplaying communities. The research utilized both quantitative and qualitative data by conducting an online survey and individual interviews with cosplayers who attend cosplaying events or activities in the Metro Manila area. These methods aid in identifying motivations behind cosplaying and forming online communities for Filipino fans, determining the role of social media in the Philippine cosplaying community, the impact of cosplaying popular culture in the behaviour and everyday life of the cosplayers, how Filipino cosplayers interact with each other in online cosplaying groups, and identifying the activities that Filipino cosplayers perform in online cosplaying groups. This study has a goal of contributing to the understanding and utilization of social media sites as a space for subcultures to build communities and safe spaces for them to express themselves in relation to cosplaying groups. This study also offers more insights on the Filipino anime fans’ motivations to participating in foreign practices such as cosplaying.

Keywords: cosplay, subcultures, social media, fan culture, fan communities

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