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< Babate, A.C. (2018). “Candlemaker”, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

The film tells the story of Tiago, a widower candlemaker who goes about his life making candles. It is a story of his days alone and just going about his life and how he interacts with people. Candlemaker is a portrait of loneliness that forces one to go on with life. This thesis explores how the Social Exchange Theory functions for a man who is faced with loss and loneliness. The film aims to make the viewer feel how the main character is lonely yet must still go through life and interact, not to mention participate in society. It aims to make the viewer see that even if we prefer to be isolated in dealing with our own problems, we are pulled into reality by worldly things like money to survive. Social Exchange Theory states that people engage to gather rewards or results. The higher results with the least amount of cost would be the most likely option for people. This film presents that is normal in society for a main character to go through such needs. >

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