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The film tells the story of a cockroach who becomes tired of being mistreated and killed by humans and decides to fight back. He persuades his fellow cockroaches to join his cause by telling them his plans on how to take revenge. However, his firm resolve proves to be insufficient, as an insecticide spray lurking from outside the crack ends his life.

The filmmakers try to use the film as a reflection of society in terms of power struggle and prejudice against minority. In the film, the cockroaches become aware of the oppression that comes from the larger society and they decide to take action and change the system. But despite the awareness that they have, the larger part of the society makes change hard for them to realize. Likewise, marginalized sectors create efforts to free themselves and gain acceptance. However, the majority fails to understand and help them, thus they remain powerless.

World Ipis explores how society constructs labels that limit people and hinder them from transcending restraints and achieving change. With the understanding of Social Construction of Reality and Labeling Theory, the filmmakers created a narrative that aims to illustrate how exterior factors such as imposed social function and public opinion shape individuals and their regard for themselves. It is highly hoped that the film would be able to enlighten its viewers, as well as allow them to reflect on and evaluate their own views toward people andthe society in general.

Barrameda, K. J. P. & Ubaldo, J. C. M. (2012). World Ipis, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

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