Who Runs the World... Girls? A Study on Beyonce‘s Songs of Empowerment


This study explored how the chosen songs of Beyonce, namely Naughty Girl, Crazy in Love, Baby Boy, Check up on it, Irreplaceable, If I were a boy, Halo, Single Ladies, Sweet Dreams and Run the World, empowered women. The researcher, being a Filipina woman, looked at the context and narrative of the songs and music videos of the popular Latina American Beyonce. The researcher used semiotics, Political Economy and Marxist Feminism as framework to analyze the songs and music videos. The study concluded that Beyonce, indeed is a feminist, but she‟s empowering women liberally. In this light, the researcher recommends that it is also imperative for next studies to look into Filipino songs from a Filipino women‟s perspective to trace the empowerment cultural materials give not just to women but to other oppressed sectors in the society.

Keywords: Beyonce, Feminism, Liberal Feminism, Marxist Feminism

Valila, K. T. (2013). Who runs the world… Girls? A Study on Beyonce‟s Songs of Empowerment.Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

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