Virginia Teodosio

Obtained her Ph.D. in Political Economy from the University of Sydney (1989), and was awarded a five-year post graduate research scholarship by the same university. Currently sitting as a professor of industrial relations at the UP School of Labor and Industrial Relations, Dr. Teodosio rare brand of scholarship has helped bring out the voices from below since her return in 1988. She is the lead author of Cooperatives, Social Capital and the Shaping of State Transformation (2008), which was funded by UNESCO. Her scholarly advocacies and academic works span from Reconfiguring microfinance and the Third Sector Development in the Philippines (2007), Agricultural Cooperatives and Information Communication Technology in an Emerging Asia (2007), and Women and the World of Work in Asia: Perspectives and Practices (2003), Keeping the Spirit of 1896 Alive: The Cooperative Movement Rising (2003), among others. Her line of work that she does is a milestone of the Philippine cooperative movement - a unique model that can the country can be proud of.

Presently chairing the UP Employees Housing Cooperatives (UPEHCO; she also founded it back in 1990), the housing coop - which she is very much identified with - is now a global movement. UPEHCO will soon develop wellness areas for the working classes. Dr. Teodosio was also the founding Director of the Philippine Cooperative Center in 1996, and was President of the Alliance of Cooperatives. Currently, serving as an adviser to an all-women party-list members, Buklod Filipina, she is also known in her contributions to the philippine women movement. A Presidential appointee, she was the administrator of the Cooperative Development Authority in 2000-2004. She was also a convener of the country's first National Summit and Regional Summits of Women in Cooperatives. In 2001, she was a plenary speaker in a conference on Cooperatives and Social Economy held at the University of Barcelona. Also, she was elected vice-chair of the Network for Development of Agricultural Cooperatives in Asia and the Pacific(NEDAC) in 2003-2005.

Dr. Teodosio is a member of the United Nation's Experts of Cooperatives and represented Asia in a meeting held at New York in April 2009. In addition, she presented a paper on August on the Working Class and Clean Energy for the 15th World Congress for International INdustrial Relations Association, the New World of Work, Organizations, and Employment held at Sydney, AUS. She is also scheduled to present a paper on "The Rise of Worker Cooperatives in the Philippines and their Role in Democratizing the Economy" in Bali, Indonesia this September. She is also working in a project on cyber education and home study targeting the country's 5 million out of the school youth with the support of the Dept. of Education and Culture, The Global News Network, and the cooperative movement. Most recently, Dr. Teodosio has assisted a promising new group of students that aims at furthering the discourse and cause of the Responsibility to Protect (r2p) in the Philippines and the rest of Asia. Through her efforts, international reputation, and academic connections, she was able to link the group to Yale University through the world top expert in genocide studies Dr. Ben Kiernan. R2P a headquartered in Queensland University.

Finally, this June 2010, Dr. Teodosio has been endorsed as a management cooperative expert by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front Central Committee, to reach out to both local and foreign governments and NGOs in seeking assistance in favor of the marginalized tri-people (Muslims, Lumad,, and the Christians) in post-conflict areas in Mindanao.Another worth noting about Dr. Teodosio is her recent project whose funding is being reviewed by the USAID, which was forwarded to them by US Ambassador Thomas Harry, Jr.: a 20 US million dollar gherkins production loan for one million hectares in 11 provinces in Mindanao that will benefit some 3 million farmers. This can also help government's balik probinsiya program for the informal settlers in Metro Manila.

Below is a copy of Dr. Virginia A. Teodosio's comprehensive CV:

EXPERTISE: Housing and Agricultural Cooperatives, Gender Studies, Incomes Policies, Social and Political Theories, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management Theories/Practices.


UNESCO Paris Participation Research Programme on Cooperatives and Social Capital, Oct 2007 to September 2008.

Trade and Gender, E-Learning Course, The World Bank Institute Washington, D.C. 28 January 2008-15 February 2008

Gender, Economic Development and Poverty Reduction, E-Learning Course, The World Bank Institute, Washington, D.C. 4-30 April 2007.

Alumni Award for Achievement, International House, The University of Sydney, NSW, Australia, 1992.

Visiting Research Associate, School of Economics, University of the Philippines (U.P.) April 1985-March 1996.

Frank Coaldrake Traveling Scholarship By University of Sydney, 1985.

The Rotary Club of Blacktown City, NSW, Bursary, Recipient, 1984.

The University of Sydney Postgraduate Research Award Scholarship for Ph.D. in Economics, February 1983-August 1987.

Fellow, International Development Research Center ( Canada) and East-West Population Institute (USA) Conference on Asian Labor Migration to the Middle East, September 19-23, 1983 Honolulu, USA.

Fellow, International Labor Organization (ILO) First-Regional Course for Trainer's in Labour Administration, Turin Centre, A Regional Workshop/Conference Sponsored by the ILO. Turin Italy, 29 September - 7 November 1980.


Professor (2005-present), UP-SOLAIR

Associate Professor (1993-2005) University of the Philippines, School of Labor and Industrial Relations

Assistant Professor (1988-1992) University of the Philippines, School of Labor and Industrial Relations

Professorial Lecturer (1998-1991) on Economics, Social and Political Thought, UP Department of Political Science

Professorial Lecturer on the History of Economic Thought, Ateneo de Manila, University Quezon City (First Semester, 1991)

Senior Lecturer, Part-time, Maryknoll College, Handled Microeconomics (1982)


The Working Class and Clean Energy: Rethinking Philippine Industrial Relations, 24-28 August 2009, IRRA CD, Sydney

Cooperatives, Social Capital and the Shaping of State Transformation, UNESCO and SWS, 2008

Reconfiguring Microfinance and Third Sector Development in the Philippines,

Agricutural Cooperatives and Information Communication Technology in an Emerging Asia

The Informal Economy, Women and Class, Philippine Journal of Labor and Industrial Relations December 2007.

Women and the World of Work in Asia: Perspectives and Practices, Philippine Journal of Industrial Relations December 2006.

Keeping the Spirit of 1896 Alive: The Cooperative Movement Rising, Philippine Journal of Labor and Industrial Relations 2003.

Chapter Author, Tripartism and the Role of the State in a Period of Restructuring under Globalization, The Filipino Worker in a Global Economy, ed. Leonardo Lanzona, Philippine APEC Study Center Network, Philippine Institute of Development Studies, NEDA, December 2001.


Microfinance and Enterprise Development for the Poor ( including 3 national lectures for DSWD’s 400 field officials)

Reviewing and Evaluating Your Performance Appraisal System

Designing and Implementing Competency Based Interviews

Introducing Pinoy Workers Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Competency Training

Revitalizing Labor: Building Financial Independence

Building the Collaborative Organization

Motivating People for Improved Performance

Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Customer Relationship Management

Leading Business Models of Cooperatives and the OD Cycle

Managing a Housing Cooperative Project

Women Rural Enterprise Development and Networking: Understanding the Managerial Process

Current Issues and Strategies in Early Retirement

Terms of Engagement in Navigating Organizational Transformation

Transformational Leadership Competency

Enhancing Good Business Manners ( Social Graces and Personality Development)


Head Delegate, Cooperative Study Visit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 27 -30 November 2005

Head Delegate, Cooperative Study Visit in Singapore, 6 -9 November 2005

Head Delegate, Cooperative Visits to Hong Kong and ShenZhen, China, December 1-3, 2004.

Country Representative, Agricultural Cooperatives and Information Communication Technology: Advancing Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship in a Global Economy, April 24, 2004, Changmai, Thailand.

Country Representative, 7th NEDAC General Assembly and Seminar on Information Technology and Computerization of Agricultural Cooperatives, 29 October-1 November 2003, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Country Representative, Development of Business Planning Management Skills for Viable Enterprise Development by Agricultural Cooperatives, 20 -30 April, 2003 New Delhi, Inidia.

Member Delegate, University and Community Consumer Cooperatives, June 24-30,2002, Tokyo

Member Delegate, Study Visit to Cooperatives in Indonesia, 2002, Sponsored by the Cooperative Center of Denmark.

Member Delegate, Study Visit to Cooperatives in South Korea, 2001, Sponsored by the Philippine Cooperative Center.

Country Representative, FAO-NEDAC Round Table Meeting on Capacity Building of Agricultural Cooperatives and NEDAC General Assembly, 24 to 27 September 2001 Beijing China.

Resource Speaker, “Ownership and Empowerment: Mainstreaming Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups”, National Conference On Prosperity Building For the Poor, W. Sycip Policy Center, World Bank and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, June 25, 2001, AIM Conference Center, Makati City.

Resource Person, “National Consultation Workshop on Energy , Livelihood & Sustainable Development, Department of Energy , May 29-30, 2001, Hotel Intercontinental Manila.

Reactor, “Sustaining Upland Development in Southeast Asia”, Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Collaborative Research Program and Philippine Institute of Development Studies, May 30, 2001, ACCEED Conference Center, Makati City.

Resource Person, “Labor, HRD & Globalization”, Philippine Asia Pacific Study Center Network, San Fernando La Union, May 18, 2001 Plenary Speaker on Cooperatives and the Social Economy, University of Barcelona, April 2001.

Country Representative, 8th Meeting of the Asian Centre for the Development of Agriculture Cooperatives (ACEDAC) Board and 3rd Asean Sectoral Working Group of the Agriculture Cooperatives, Bangkok, Thailand March 19-20, 2001.

Country Representative and Elected Vice-Chairman for the NEDAC-FAORAP, ”Roundtable Meeting on Globalization & Liberalization-Challenges and Options for Agriculture Cooperatives, Bangkok, Thailand, January 29- February 2, 2001.

Resource Person, Century Co-ops Conference 27-29 August 1999, Mimosa Leisure Estate, Clark Airfield, Angeles City, Pampanga.

Resource, Winning the War Against Poverty: Doing Business with Cooperatives, UAP Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 4 December 1998.

Resource Person, The Economic Crisis and Its Social Effects, Pacific Asia Network, October 1998, Manila Hotel.

UPEHCO nominated to the 1998 Dubai International Award for Best Practices in Improving the Living Environment by the PAGIBIG Fund, March 1988.

National President, Alliance of Cooperatives, February 1998-2000.

Paper Presentor, Housing Cooperativism, Philippine Cooperative Center, 5 November 1996.

Delegate, National Shelter Conference, Philippine Social Science Center, 9 October 1996.

Delegate, Philippine NGO-PO Representatives to the UN City Summit, May 23 - June 12, Istanbul, Turkey.

Resource Person, Department of Education and Culture's Nationwide Housing Cooperative Campaign (1995-1996).

Resource Person, Student Cooperativism at U.P. (1994).

Consultation Workshop on the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Comprehensive and Integrated Shelter Finance Act of 1994, Philippine Social Sciences Center, 26 April 1995, Participant.

National Housing Summit, PICC Manila, 27 January 1995, delegate.

Pre-Housing Summit Consultations, Resource Person, November-December 1994.

Nationwide Media Campaign on Cooperatives, Chair (9 October 1994).

UP Employees Housing Cooperative, Inc. (UPEHCO) Chairperson-Pioneered housing cooperatives in 3 sites, Antipolo, Cavite and Iloilo. Nominated by the government for "Best Practices" in the City Summit, Istanbul (1996).


Chairperson, Advocacy of Women for an Alternative Industrial Relations

Director, Women in Shelter and Its Environment (August 1997-July 2000).

Founding Director, Philippine Cooperative Center, 1996

Founding Chairperson, University of the Philippines Employees Housing Cooperative,1990.


Director, Center for the Administration of Labor Justice (SOLAIR 1998-1999).

Chairperson, Graduate Studies Program (SOLAIR July 2000).

National Coordinator, Advancing Workers’ Welfare and Participation in Public Employment Relations, (SOLAIR-CSC Joint Project), 1998-July 2000.

Programme Manager, International Organization, June-November 1997. Entrepreneurial Development Support for the Reintegration of Filipino Migrant Workers and Their Families.

Member, Evaluation Team, Asian Pacific Project on Tripartism (APPOT), International Labor Organization(April-May 1996), Hanoi, Bangkok and Phuket.

Chief, Manpower and Development Utilization Division, Institute of Labor and Manpower Studies, Ministry of Labor and Employment (November 1979-1982).

Assistant Division Chief Labor Standards Division, Institute of Labor and Manpower Studies, Ministry of Labor and Employment (September-October 1979).

Part-time Senior Lecturer (1980-1982) in Wages and the Labour Market, Labour and National Economy and Special problems in Manpower Development, UP-School of Economics.

Research Assistant (November 1973-September 1976) to Professor Edita Tan of UP School of Economics in the Following studies: Taxation, Government Expenditures and Effects on Income Distribution in the Philippines; Interest Rate Policy in the Philippines; Media for Skills Formation Programme for Democratization of Admission in the University of the Philippines.


National Review of Agrarian Reform Policies and Practices, 5 April 2010

Philippine Chamber of Agriculture and Food, MFI Foundation, 23 March 2010, Ortigas Avenue Pasig City

International Conference on Green Industry in Asia: Managing the Transition to Resource Efficient and Low Carbon Industry, 9-11 September 2009, Manila

Asia Clean Energy Forum, 3-4 June 2009, ADB

Asia Clean Energy Forum, June 2008

3rd Asia Biomass Seminar, Dusit Hotel, 4-9 November 2007, Makati City

Biofuels Development in Southeast and East Asia: Policy Issues and Research Agenda, Renaissance Hotel, 7-8 October 2007, Makati City

Microfinance and Third Sector Development in the Philippines, 5th International Society for Third Sector Research Asia Pacific Regional Conference, UP NCPAG, 17-18 October 2007.

Agricultural Cooperatives and ICT in an Emerging Asia, Living the Information Society: The Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on People, Work and Communities in Asia, Renaissance Hotel, 23-24 April 2007.

Gains, Losses and Prospects of the Philippine Commitments to the GATS, UP Third World Studies Center, 2 September 2005.

Technical Assistance of POS and Wireless Broadband Internet to Cooperatives, 15 to 17 March 2004, Tianjin, China, Global Magnetic Card, Company.

Guest Speaker, Reintegration of OFWs and Entrepreneurship, February 2004, Hong Kong, Francisco Colayco Foundation Foundation.

Resource Speaker, Ownership and Empowerment: Mainstreaming Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups, National Conference on Prosperity Building for the Poor, W. Sycip Policy Center, World Bank and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, 25 June 2001, AIM Conference Center, Makati City.

Resource Person, National Consultation Workshop on Energy, Livelihood and Sustainable Development, 29-30 May 2001, Hotel Intercontinental Hotel, Manila.

Reactor, Sustaining Upland Development in Southeast Asia, Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Collaborative Research Program and Philippine Institute of Development Studies, 30 May 2001, ACCEED Conference Center, Makati City.

Resource Speaker, Labor, HRD and Globalization, Philippine Asia Pacific Study Center Network, 18 May 2001, San Fernando, La Union.

Plenary Speaker, Private-Public Partnership in the Development of a Housing Cooperative Cooperatives and the Social Economy, April 2001, University of Barcelona, Spain

The State of Philippine Education: Building New Insights and Directions, Youth and Students First Sectoral Council Meeting National Anti-Poverty Commission.

Images of Work: Democracy and Distribution Equity in Philippine Industrial Relations, SOLAIR (24 September 1997).

Human Resource Policies and Practices in Chinese Owned Enterprises, Democratization, Globalization and Transformation of Industrial Relations in Asian Countries, IIRA, 3rd Asian Regional Congress, 30 September-4 October 1996, Taipei.

The UPEHCO Experience, Financing Habitat for the Urban Poor, Asian regional Consultation for Habitat II (12-14 April 1996), Manila Galleria Suites.

Problems and Issues Confronting Filipino Overseas, Osaka University, Faculty of Economics and Law, Japan, 4 November 1993.

Roundtable Conference on Japanese Capital in the Philippines and Filipino Labor in Japan, AIT, Quezon City, 25 July 1992.

State-Civil Society Relations in the Philippines. Paper Presented at the Fourth International Philippines Studies Conference; 1892-1992, Imagining the Nation, Australian National University, Canberra, 30 June-3 July 1992. The UPEHCO: Towards Self-Reliance and Ecological Balance in Human Settlements in the Philippines. Paper Presented at the 4th Meeting of the Coalition of Housing Finance Institution in Asia and the Pacific, Manila Peninsula, 25-27 January, 1992.

The Crisis of the 1980’s in the Philippines: The Nature of State Interventions on Labor-Capital Relations and Social-Change. Second International Symposium on Society and Economic in East Asia, Osaka University, Faculty of Economics and Law, 31 October-6 November, 1991.

The Prospects of Socialism in the 1990s, Manila, November, 1989. Sponsored by the Journal of Contemporary Asia.

Privatization and Its Impact on Labour Relations in the ASEAN Region, Jakarta Indonesia, December 1988. Sponsored by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

Australian National University, The Politics of Continuity and Change Under the Aquino Government, Canberra Australia February 1988. Sponsored by the Asian Studies Association in Australia.

On Women in Cooperatives

Convenor, First National Summit of Women in Cooperatives, Banaue, Ifugao, 5-7 June 2003.

First Regional Summit of Women in Cooperatives, Region 1, 5-7 October 2004, Cresta del Mar Resort, Bauang La Union.

First Regional Summit of Women in Cooperatives, Region VI, 22-23 September 2004, Casa Pilar, Boracay Island, Malay Aklan.

First Regional Summit of Women in Cooperatives, Region IV, 8-10 September 2004, Legend Hotel, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

First Regional Summit of Women in Cooperatives, Region XII, 18-19 August 2004, Lake Sebu, Sultan Kudarat.

First Regional Summit of Women in Cooperatives, Region III, 7-8 July 2004, Subic Arts Center, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

First Regional Summit of Women in Cooperatives, Region XI, 6-7 May 2004, Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao, Lanang, Davao City.

First Regional Summit of Women in Cooperatives, Region V, 24 March 2004, Woodland Beach Resort, Donsol, Sorsogon.

First Regional Summit of Women in Cooperatives, NCR, 26-27 September 2003, SEAMEO Innotech, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.

Other Advocacies and Engagements for the Common Good Enhancing the Cooperative Sector’s Visibility and the Citizen’s Power to Act.

Presidential Appointee, Administrator, Cooperative Development Authority, August 2000 to January 2005.

Facilitated the cassava plantation in the Calamianes Group of Islands, Palawan (1,000 hectares),2004-2005.

Facilitated the abaca rehabilitation in Albay province (196 hectares, 10 million budget), 2003-2004.

Proponent of the CDA-Quedancor Cooperative Lending Program, 38 million pesos, 2003.

Assisted in the facilitation of the 500 million US dollar additional investment of the Canadian mining firm (TVI) in Siocon, Zamboanga del Norte,2002-2003.

Facilitated the lectures of two Israeli experts on tilapia to fishery cooperatives in Zambales and Pangasinan. The project was in coordination with the Israel Embassy,2003.

Served as a member of a panel on a Ph.D. thesis on cooperatives at the De La Salle University. The survey nationwide was coordinated by my office. With my support, Dr. Lope Dapun saved a lot of money and time and is now a faculty member at the University of Northern Mindanao, 2002.

Facilitated the study grants of a number of cooperative specialists, from both government and the private sector, to Israel, 2001-2004.

Guest Speaker, Promoting Rural Women’s Cooperative Businesses, 14 October 2005, Romblon, Romblon.

Resource Speaker and Elected Adviser, Legal Defense Fund for Public School Teachers and Other Civil Servants Cooperative, UP SOLAIR, 9 October 2005.

Resource Speaker, Promoting Women’s Cooperative Businesses, Antipolo City, 12 August 2005.

Guest Speaker, 26th Annual Stockholders Meeting, Basilica Site, Batangas City, 30 March 2005, Cooperative Bank of Batangas.

Resource Person, Women in Transformation Leadership, Cooperative Women Leadership Transformation Seminar/workshop, 3 March 2005, Riverview Resort and Conference Center, 3 March 2005, Calamba City.

Resource Speaker, Housing Cooperatives, Prospects and Challenges, Benguet State University, RSDC Hall, 20 December 2004, Benguet State University, La Trinidad, Benguet.

Resource Speaker, 3rd Annual Public School Teachers and Employees Cooperatives Summit, 11 December 2004, Harizon Edsa Hotel, Mandaluyong City.

Keynote Speaker, 4th Calamianes Cooperative Convention, 24 November 2004, Linapacan, Palawan.

Resource Speaker, 23rd Annual General Assembly of the Pangasinan and Cities Cooperative Union (PACCU), 2004 Provincial Cooperative Month Celebration, 23 October 2004, Lenox Hotel, Dagupan City.

Resource Speaker, Empowering Rural Folks through Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism, Opening Ceremony, 2004 National Science and Technology Week Celebration, Region XII, 15 July 2004, Filmart Mall Convention Hall, Koronadal City, South Cotabato.

Guest Speaker, First La Union Cooperative Housing Forum, 4 July 2004, Diego Silang Hall, Provincial Capitol, San Fernando City. Resource Speaker, Globalization and Its Impact on Cooperatives, Northwestern League of Cooperatives Annual Congress and Forum, 4-7 June 2004.

Guest Speaker, 8th Educational Forum, Philippine Federation of Credit Cooperatives Northern Mindanao League, 16 April 2004, Inland Resort Hotel and Restaurant, Butuan City.

Guest Speaker, General Assembly, KOOPNAMAN, 3 April 2004, Lucena City.

Resource Speaker, 8th Provincial Cooperative Congress, 15 November 2003, Albay Astrodome, Legaspi City.

Certificate of Appreciation Recipient, Office of the Governor, Province of Cagayan, Tuguegarao City, 21 October 2003, Cagayan State University Gymnasium.

Guest Speaker, 3rd Calamianes Cooperative Convention, 18 October 2003, Busuanga Coliseum, Busuanga, Palawan.

Plaque of Commendation, Cooperative Development Authority, for convening the country’s First Women in Cooperatives Summit, August 2003.

Convention Speaker, Philippine Federation of Housing Cooperatives and Cooperative Union of the Philippines, 21 March 2003, Montebello Villa Hotel, Cebu City.

Keynote Speaker, Inauguration and Blessing of the Cooperative Administration Building, Hijo Employees Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative, Madaum Tagum City, 18 March 2003, Divine Mercy Compound, Madaum Tagum City.

Guest of Honor and Speaker, Cooperative Month Celebration of Ifugao Federation of Cooperatives, 24 November 2002, Lagawe, Ifugao.

Guest Speaker, 16th Foundation Anniversary and 4th Annual Women’s Congress, 11 November 2002, Daet Camarines Norte, Cooperative Bank of Camarines Norte.

Guest Speaker, 2nd Calamianes Cooperative Convention, 18 October 2002, LCC Auditorium Culion Palawan.

Guest of Honor and Speaker, 21st Annual Assembly of Pangasinan Cooperatives, 18 August 2002, ATI-PTC, Tabay, Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan.

Guest Speaker, 33rd Annual General Assembly, Fatima Multi Purpose Cooperative, 24 March 2002, Fatima, Vigan City.

Keynote Speaker, 34th General Assembly San Luis Development Cooperative, Rafael Nantes Covered Court, 17 March 2002, Lucban Quezon.

Resource Speaker, Importance of Internet in Cooperatives and SMEs, North Luzon Cyber Forum, 13 March 2002, Dagupan City Astrodome.

Resource Person, The First Quezon City Cooperatives and SMEs Conference, 22 February 2002, PSSC, Quezon City Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Plaque of Appreciation, 9th Foundation Anniversary, Association of Bangahon, Aklan, 9 December 2001.

Guest Speaker, General Assembly, Samahang Magkakapitbahay ng Apolonio Samson Multipurpose Cooperative, A. Samson Barangay Gym, 30 November 2001, Quezon City.

Guest of Honor, 4th Annual Valenzuela Cooperatives Assembly and Dangal ng Valenzuela Awards Ceremonies, 10 November 2001, Valenzuela Convention Center.

Resource Speaker, Coffee Production and the Role of Cooperatives, Tala Orani Development Cooperative, 12 October 2001, Tala Orani, Bataan Plaque of Appreciation, Regional Dialogue on Projects for abaca cooperatives in Bicol, 5 June 2001, People’s Hall, Provincial Capitol, Legaspi City.

Guest Speaker, Annual General Assembly of the Quezon Federation of Union and Cooperatives, 2 June 2001, Heritage Hall, Halina Hotel, Lucena City.

Resource Speaker, 23rd General Assembly, Tanay Market Vendors and Community Multipurpose Cooperative, 24 March 2001, Tanay Municipal Basketball Court.

Guest Speaker, 28th General Assembly, 23 March 2001, Plaza Marilag, Project 4 Development Cooperative.

Resource Speaker, 9th Nueva Ecija Farmers Congress, 5 March 2001, Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology, Cabanatuan City.

Resource Speaker, The Challenge of Cooperative Banking, Luzon Federation of Cooperative Banks, 8-10 February 2001, Crown Peak Garden Hotel, Subic Freeport Zone.

Resource Speaker, Albay Provincial Cooperative Congress, Albay Astrodome, 14 October 2000, Legaspi City.

Resource Speaker, Government Employees Symposium on the Impact of Privatization on the Public Sector, Provincial Capitol, Puerto Princesa Palawan, 7 August 2000, Philippine Government Employees Association.

Facilitated the visit of UK based Public World headed by Brendan Martin, an international expert on Privatization and the Public Sector, August 2000. The Civil Service Commission was the partner institution.

Initiated and served as the National Coordinator in Advancing Workers Welfare and Participation in the Public Sector (a joint project of UP SOLAIR and the Civil Service Commission), July 2000.

Initiated the partnership between UP SOLAIR and the Bureau of Labor Relations on a Workers Education Development Program(WODP) with a formal agreement.


1-3 September 1997, Why Women? What Politics? The Power of the Women Electorate, CAPWIP, Taipei.

2-3 April 1997, Pacific Asia in the 21st Century-Governance, Food Security and Trade. Sponsored by The Pacific Asia Society Philippines. EDSA Plaza Hotel.

Why Women? What Politics? The Power of the Women Electorate, Third Congress, center for Asia-Pacific, Women in Politics, Korolevu, Fiji, 19-24 November 1996.

The City Summit, Second National Conference in Human Settlements (Habitat II), Istanbul, Turkey 30 May-12 June 1996.

International Industrial Relations Association USA, 10th World Congress, Washington D.C., USA, June 1995.

September 1994, Tokyo, Japan. Sponsored by the Japanese Foundation on Workplace Japanese Industrial Relations and Human Resource Development.

June-25 July 1993 Osaka, Japan. Sponsored by the Osaka University, Faculty of Economics and Law.

June 1989, Moscow and Kiev, USSR. Sponsored by the World Federation of Trade Unions.

June 1989, Prague, Czechoslovakia. Sponsored by the World Federation of Trade Unions.

June-2 July 1989, Bonn, Stuttgart, Freuedunstat and Dusseldorf, West Germany. Sponsored by the Friedrich Elbert Stiftung.

July 1989, Ferney. Sponsored by the Public Service-International.

July 1989, London, UK visited the Office of the National Association of Local Government Officers. July 1989, Oxford, UK visited Ruskin College, Oxford University.

OTHER PARTICIPATION Participant Advancing Sustainable Entrepreneurship in the New Economy, National Pre-Congress (17-18 April 1997), PICC.

Participant Women Senior Leaders Network (WSLN) from APEC Economic Meeting (26 February 1997), Manila, Shangri-la Hotel.

Delegate, International Conference in Science and technology. The Human Resource Dimension(9-11 November 1994), Hotel International, Manila.

Participant, Financing Schemes for Philippine Higher Education: Meeting the Challenges of Quality and Equity (23-24 October 1992), De la Salle University, Taft Avenue, Manila.

Consultant, Cabinet Ministerial Project On Employment Generation in the Philippines, October-December 1982.

Research Associate, Technical Working Group on Labour Force Concepts and Measurement, jointly organized by the Philippines National Census Statistics Office and MOLE, April 1982-December 1982.

Consultant to the Planning Ministry on (UNFPA) Population and Development Research Project, November 1981-December 1982).

Lecturer, Staff Development Programme, Office of Manpower Planning and Development, National Manpower and Youth Council, January-December 1981.


Tripartism and the Imperatives of Development in the Philippines: Special Reference to Minimum Wage Determination, 1974-1975 ( Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis, Sydney University Library). Sikap-Gawa: Towards a Lasting Industrial Peace, vol.1 (Bishops Business’s Conference for Human Development Casebook Series, 1992).

With Melisa R. Serrano and Danilo A.Silvestre, Housing Cooperativism and Society, Vol.1 (UPEHCO), Inc., December 1991.

With P. Bandayrel and J. Paredes, Labor and Mass Media in the Philippines December, 1989.

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Monographs “Working Abroad: The Socio-Economic Consequences of Contract Labor Migration in the Philippines.” Institute of Labor and Manpower Studies, Manila 1983. Principal and Co-Investigators: V. Teodosio and C. Jimenez.

Articles V. A. Teodosio, “Livelihood Project Management and Cooperative Enterprise and Development.” Paper presented to the Capability Building and Strategic Manning Workshop of the Department of Labor and Employment Flagship program for Women Workers, Malay, Aklan (14-18), April 1994.

V. A. Teodosio, “The University as an Environment for Successful Cooperative,” Paper presented to a brainstorming session on the promotion and development of cooperatives at UP in the Visayas, Mindanao, Iloilo (4 April, 1994).

Co-author, “Structural Adjustments and Industrial Relations in the Philippines”-LO UNDP (1993).

V. A. Teodosio, “The Nature of Industrial Relations in the Philippines: A Review of the Literature.” Paper presented at the Labor-Management Relations at the Enterprise Level for Stability and Productivity Conference (DOLE-ILO), Hyatt Regency Hotel, 16-17 December, 1991.

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