Venue-specific issues in vcon and streaming

Venue specific issues in video conference and video streaming

These are the issues encountered in attempts to mount vcon or live stream from ff venues:

Aberlardo Hall

  • view layout
  • seating capacity: 506
  • Excellent in-house audio system
  • narrow aisle in case cameras are needed to be placed there
  • no internet connection
  • low lumens projector
 (update: Sep 12, 2017)

Bahay ng Alumni

  • view layout
  • in-house audio system - technical issues
  • venue does not have sound proofing - too much echo
  • low lighting
  • no internet connection

Benitez Hall Auditorium

  • in-house audio system - good
  • venue - too much noise coming from air conditioning units; tight spaces for production equipment
  • no internet connection
 (update: Dec. 27, 2017)

Claro M Recto Hall

  • view layout
  • erratic audio feed from the hall's mixer
  • untested 202.x network
  • ad-hoc wiring required both for network and audio feed

CMC TV Media Studio

  • Excellent internet connection. Candidate for Live Video Streaming
  • Excellent Audio and Video quality
  • Excellent lighting
(updated: April 28, 2016)

CS Library Auditorium

  • network connectivity to be coordinated with CSRC.
  • Live stream from here needs improvement.
  • needs ad-hoc wiring each time you stream to the cloud
  • in-house audio system, line output for recording should be connected from the amplifier
 (updated: Mar 12, 2018)

CS Institute of Biology Auditorium

  • view layout
  • Seating capacity: 302
  • Expanded seating capacity (additional monoblock chairs): 402
  • Audio:
in-house mixer do not have line out for direct recording; no available wired microphones; wireless microphones are prone to feedback. improved audio but with static noise
  • Network connectivity:
wifi only; No LAN port available inside the control booth; LAN cable connected to the nearest LAN port is intermitent
  • Low lighting
  • not enough space for production equipment set up
 (updated: Feb 8, 2017)

Executive House

  • static noise from mixer
  • windows have no curtains, backlight is problem during daytime shoot but can be solved.
  • camera positioning depends on the position of the furnitures.

GT Toyota Hall

  • Seating capacity: 528
  • Network: available; erractic wifi connection
  • No managed switch installed. Live streaming unavailable. (update: January 20, 2017)
  • poor in-house audio system
  • static sound coming from stage speakers
  • good lighting

IESM Auditoruim

  • Seating capacity: 100
  • Network: TBC
  • In-house audio: good

(last visit Feb 01 2018)

ISSI, Teodoro Room (3rd floor)

  • Network: intermitent wifi, LAN port available [Cisco switch port 17 --> Lan port 142
  • static noise from inhouse audio mixer
  • aircon noise too loud for video recording

Lagmay Hall Room 309

  • No sound system
  • No network available
  • Has sound proofing
  • Recommended for video recording only

Malcolm Hall

  • Good network connection. Candidate for Live video streaming
  • erratic audio feed from the hall's mixer
  • static audio noise
 (last visit Feb 20 2017)

Melchor Hall

  • poor audio system
  • grounded speakers (back)
  • poor lighting

NEC Audio Visual Room

  • poor lighting
  • audio quality better
  • Network: available; erratic to poor connection

NIGS Auditorium

  • no network connectivity

NIP Auditorium

  • wireless microphone frequency receives radio station
  • low light
  • microphone sound breaks
  • internet connection - erratic connection


  • view layout
  • seating capacity: 300
  • static noise from the audio mixer
  • Excellent network connection. Candidate for Live video streaming

NSRI Conference Room

  • poor audio system
  • poor audio cables for microphones

Pav 4 (Rm 4105)

  • tested 202.x network
  • no audio mixer
  • poor room acoustics

School of Economics Auditorium

  • view layout
  • good in-house audio system
  • Low lighting
  • Excellent network connection. Candidate for Live video streaming
 (last visit July 21, 2016)

UP Theater

  • network connection requires extended UTP cable and repeater hub. Candidate for Live video streaming

Oblation Plaza

  • Nearest network connection is at the South wing; needs at least 30meters of LAN cable

(last visit Feb 10, 2017)


  • A schedule of 3-5 hours of field testing (prior to the date of the event itself) is mandatory.
  • For online audience feedback, please also check for connection via providers like Globe or Smart.

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