UVLe User Admin Module


The UVLe User Admin Module enables the management of users who do not have UP Webmail accounts or are not part of UP Diliman LDAP authentication. The administration of the module is assigned to heads of units with prior arrangements with DILC on the use of UVLe.

Technologies Used

  • Moodle 2.2
  • Joomla 1.5
  • Joomla Extensions:
  1. Fabrik
  2. Chronform
  3. ARRA
  4. PHP 1.0


  • Shirl Mabeza
  • James Pellosis
  • Karlo Senga

Development Issues

  • Difficulty in installing Fabrik, had to have the PHP upload limit increased to 8MB
  • Slight issues with changes being overwritten by simultaneous users
  • Deletion of forms/components/pages should be avoided: use unpublish instead for a more temporary fix
  • Joomla syntax for php, especially for SQL commands, are slightly different
  • SQL queries in Joomla behave differently; multiple queries result in identical outputs if not adjusted for

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