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University of the Philippines Sidlangan
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Founded February 16, 1976
Motto 3 Islands, 2 Languages, 1 Organization
Type Regional Organization
Location Block A1, Tambayan Complex, Vinzons Hill, UP Diliman, Quezon City
Faculty Adviser Jaybie de Guzman
Official Publication Blanos
Facebook https://facebook.com/UPSidlangan
Website http://upsidlangan.org

The University of the Philippines Sidlangan is a duly-recognized organization of the Biliranon, Leyteño, and Samareño students of the University of the Philippines Diliman. It is committed towards the promotion of the highest degree of competence and excellence among its members by providing them channels for individual growth through their active involvement in various academic and socio-civic activities held not only in Metro Manila but in the Eastern Visayas Region as well.

The Organization

UP Sidlangan was established on February 16, 1976. It serves as the home away from home for UP Diliman students from Eastern Visayas. Since its founding, the organization has produced alumni who became the prime movers of the region.

UP Sidlangan has been expanding its network by actively participating in the Generation Peace, a peace-advocate movement among youth organizations nation-wide. It has also been an active member of the UP Sanlahi Alliance, the umbrella organization of provincial, regional and ethno-linguistic organizations in UP Diliman. For two years, UP Sidlangan was awarded as the 'Best Organization' among the member organizations of UP Sanlahi.

UP Sidlangan is one of the biggest among regional and provincial organizations in UP Diliman. It continues to offer holistic development among its members by exposing them to various events and activities while being of service to the home region.


1) To unite and organize the UP Diliman students from Region VIII for the attainment of their common interest. 2) To encourage activities and endeavors toward social, cultural, and intellectual development among its members. 3) To foster greater mutual understanding, unity and cooperation between the members and other students. 4) To instill national consciousness among its members in order to continue in the assertion of the Filipino people’s rights and well-beings. 5) To render service to the Eastern Visayas region in whichever way the organization can provide.

Executive Committee

Academic Year President Executive Secretary Vice President for Academic Affairs Vice President for External Affairs Vice President for Finance Vice President for Internal Affairs Vice President for Publicity and Promotions Vice President for Socio-cultural Affairs
2016-2017 Emmanuel Hipe Jake Dangco Ashley Advincula Gy-Anne Yepes Jess Ian Apa Maeviviene Sosing Ninna Delantar


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Academic Affairs Committee
The Academic Affairs Committee promotes and handles all educational activities of the organization and is the main organizer of Pakaritay, the flagship event of UP Sidlangan.

External Affairs Committee
The External Affairs Committee maintains contact with its alumni, and handles its marketing and other matters concerning external relations.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee fuels the activities and events of the organization as it spearheads income-generating activities and manages its budgeting and finances.

Internal Affairs Committee
The Internal Affairs Committee takes charge of consolidation activities of the members as well as the recruitment of applicants and the application process.

Publicity and Promotions Committee
The Publicity and Promotions Committee promotes the organization's publicity through event documentation, its social media accounts as well as Sidlangan's official publication, Blanos.

Socio-Cultural Affairs Committee
The Socio-cultural Affairs Committee serves as the link between the organization and the region as it organizes activities that feature Eastern Visayas and updates the members about issues concerning Biliran, Leyte and Samar.

Projects & Activities


"Pakaritay is the flagship event of UP Sidlangan. It is an annual academic event designed to raise the academic performance and competence of the different elementary and high schools of the region. The event highlights various academic competitions such as: (1) Grade School and High School Quiz Show, a showcase between competing minds of the region’s best students in elementary and high school as they hurdle through a series of questions in Math, General Science and in the Humanities; (2) Extemporaneous Speaking, where students express their views and opinions about significant issues concerning our generation; (3) Essay Writing, which immortalizes creative ideas from fresh young minds as they express themselves through ink and pen; and (4) Poster Making, where students pour out their views about an issue through art. A Career Exhibit is also held to inspire future the Isko and Iska from Eastern Visayas."
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Eastern Visayas Week
Eastern Visayas Week

"Home is never away with UP Sidlangan. At the beginning of each academic year, UP Sidlangan leads the celebration of the Eastern Visayas Week in UP Diliman – an annual event of the organization which unites the Waray-waray and Bisaya students coming from Biliran, Leyte and Samar. Filled with games and fun stuff, EV Week aims to foster camaraderie and to build ties among UP Diliman students from Eastern Visayas. This three-day event, jointly headed by the Socio-Cultural Affairs and Internal Affairs Committee, is also held to introduce UP Sidlangan to EV students."
Lecture Series and Workshops

"UP Sidlangan believes that learning should never be bounded by the four walls of the classroom. As such, the organization equips its members and applicants with knowledge and skills in different fields which may not be taught by the academe. Held throughout the year, these series of lectures and workshops include basic training on event-planning and marketing, hands-on photoshop and video-editing tutorial, leadership seminar as well as a discussion group introducing the different towns of Eastern Visayas."
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"For the past years, UP Sidlangan has been actively participating in the Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE), a University Student Council-sponsored event raising consciousness among the students regarding different subjects and issues. The organization takes this opportunity to spread awareness among members and non-members alike through various activities such as lecture and film-showing."
Anniversary Week
Sidlangan Anniversary Week.jpg

"As an organization representing the region to the UP community, series of events are held for a week to showcase the culture and beauty of Easter Visayas. UP Sidlangan will still be proudly standing and thriving for excellence on its 37th year in 2013. The week-long anniversary celebration include: (1) Parumbaay: It is a contest open for all students in the university that promotes the region through the activities prepared by the members; (2) Cultural Exhibit: An exhibit is held in designated areas where the beauty and culture of the region is showcased; (3) Open Tambayan: In this event, the members welcome everyone to the tambayan as free food is served. This serves as thanksgiving event of the organization; and (4) Anniversary Dinner: The week finishes off with the gathering of the members and alumni of the organization to celebrate for another successful year and to give credits to outstanding members and alumni."
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Contact us

Email: upsidlangan@gmail.com
Block A1, Tambayan Complex, Vinzons Hill, UP Diliman, Quezon City.

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