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The University of the Philippines Haring Ibon (UP Haring Ibon) was established on November 27, 1987 as a youth chapter of the Haribon Foundation in the University of the Philippines Diliman. Since then, it has continuously exerted efforts to raise awareness with regards to environmmental conservation.

For more than 20 years now, the organization has been a dominant figure within the university in addressing environmental issues and concerns.


In 1987, several UP students who joined the Haribon Foundation Summer Camp at Mt. Makiling decided to establish a group that would be the Haribon Foundation extension in UP. From the core group of around a dozen UP students, only three original core group members remained. This shaky start was basically due to the lack of dedication of most of the members, which caused the resignation of two assisting Mother Chapter officers, Ed Coronel and Dr. Celso Roque. Mortimer Cordero was then appointed President, along with Vida Sayson as Vice President, Jenny Wilson as Secretary, Bernadette San Juan as MemCom Chair and Marqueza Lepana as CS-SC Coordinator. Vida Sayson and Jenny Wilson soon left to pursue their own careers. This left Mac Lepana and Bernadette San Juan to take over their positions respectively.

Many problems were encountered during the humble beginnings of the UP Haribon, this included lack of funding, membership drive (an organization population of 200 was expected by 1988), and tambayan acquisition and renovation. These problems were solved with the help of the Mother Chapter (Haribon Foundation), mostly with the financial matters, and with the leadership of Mortimer Cordero, Bernadette San Juan and Marqueza Lepana.

After years of being the youth chapter of the Haribon Foundation, UP Haring Ibon (known then as UP Haribon for the conservation of Natural Resources) faced problems as no financial support was coming from the foundation for the organization's projects. Because of this, UP Haribon started to work as an independent organization, pursuing projects without the financial support from its Mother Chapter. In July 2003, Haribon Foundation requested the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) to hold UP Haribon's recognition as an organization because of the use of the foundation's name. The Executive Committee members during that time, along with the guidance of alumni members and advice from other Haribon youth chapters, decided to change the name to UP Haring Ibon.


Live simply so others may simply live. - Mahatma Gandhi

We did not inherit the earth from our forefathers, we borrowed it from our children.


  • To promote environmental awareness among students and members of the U.P. Diliman academic community as well as people outside the campus
  • To make available information and advice useful in the efforts of maintaining, restoring and enhancing the quality of the environment
  • To initiate projects and programs towards the fulfillment of the organizations objectives
  • To make a stand relating to issues that affect the environment


  • Basics of the Environment Seminar (B.O.T.E.)
  • Birdwatching
  • Clean U.P.
  • Clean-up and Fun Climbs
  • Dorm Lecture Series
  • Environmental Workshop
  • Exposure Trip
  • Likhalikasan
  • Tree Planting

Other Affiliations

League of Youth for the Environment (LYFE)

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