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The University of the Philippines Geodetic Engineering Club (GEC) is the premier GE student organization in the country. Established in August 15, 1937, about two months after the founding of the UP Department of Geodetic Engineering (DGE), the organization has since played an active role in promoting the GE academic program as well as proficiency in earth and space measurements in the Philippines.

Org Profile

As an academic organization, GEC has been home to the best students in DGE. Its roster of members includes most of the college and university scholars from the department. Some of its members even graduated with honors, with the two GE cum laudes coming from the organization, one each in 2010 and 2012. Some GEC members are also expected to graduate with honors by the end of this academic year. One member, on the other hand, is set to finish the program in four years and one summer. GEC also takes pride in its consistent 100% passing rate in the GE Board Examinations, with its alumni making it to the top 10 passers every year.

Besides top performing students in terms of academics, GEC has also been home to student leaders and also leaders in the industry and the academe. GEC members have served as GE Representatives to the Engineering Student Council (ESC). There have been also members who served as University Student Council (USC) councilors. On the other hand, its alumni are top engineers here and abroad, with some being frontrunners in the GE profession and owners of large GE companies and consultancy firms. Other alumni members of the organization are known for their service to the academe. For instance, the current Associate Dean for Institutional Linkages, Dr. Rhodora Gonzalez, former College Secretary and current DGE Chairperson, Dr. Ariel Blanco, and a number of DGE faculty members are all GEC alumni. Dr. Amelito Enriquez, GE Batch '83 magna cum laude, who was awarded Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring by no less than US President Barack Obama in 2011, is also a GEC alumnus. GEC is more than just a student organization. With its wide variety of activities ranging from academically relevant ones, which aim to promote scholastic excellence, to socially relevant others, which aim to promote service to the University, the community and the country in general, the organization has served as a training ground for future leaders and nation builders by providing holistic growth among its members.

This is not just 76 years of rich history; this is 76 years of legacy.

We are the Few, the Proud, and the Best.


As far back as the Spanish regime in the Philippines, there were people who performed land measurements. They were called agrimensores. But these agrimensores were equipped with nothing but compass and tape, thus the questionable accuracy of their surveys led to controversies-some not yet resolved to the present day. So when the Americans came, a new government unit was organized-the Bureau of Public Lands which was staffed at the top by Americans.

The first American Director of Lands was Charles A. Sleeper. When F.B. Harrison became governor general, he adopted the "Filipinization" policy. Vicente Mills became the first Filipino Director of Lands.

The Bureau then established a surveying school which was on the same grounds as the Philippine School of Arts and Trades. The school offered scholarships to students for its two- year surveying courses, after which these Bureau of Lands "pensionados" or scholars had to serve the government.

It was not until 1925 that an agreement was made to incorporate the School of Surveying of the Bureau of Lands into the UP College of Engineering. The School of Surveying was a unit of the College of Engineering offering the Associate in Surveying title to its graduates.

Then came the depression. In 1932, the Bureau of Lands suspended sending pensionados. However, the School of Surveying-College of Engineering agreement still held. There were non- pensionado students and some "stragglers". Then in 1936, the Bureau of Lands restored sending pensionados. These scholars were selected through a nationwide competitive examination. It was then that a surveyor and civil engineer, Professor Maximo LAchica began to advocate the elevation of the surveying course to the 5-year Bachelor of Science on Geodetic Engineering courses, this proposal and curriculum was approved in the early part of 1937.

And thus, in June 1937, the Department of Geodetic Engineering was born, created under the School of Surveying. That year marked another monumental event as well, the birth of the Geodetic Engineering Club.

Through the years, the club has played a major role in the development of friendship and companionship among GE students in the university. We, the members, are not just people thrown together by the same course, we are part of one big, happy family who are always there to help and support each other through the rigors of college life.

Now, 75 years after our foundation, the Geodetic Engineering Club with its goals, aspirations, and ideals, lives on, thriving in the hearts of all who are part of it.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (ExeComm) is the highest governing body of the organization. This eight-man team is led by the President, who is also the head of the entire organization. Other members of the ExeComm include the Vice President, who also acts as head of the Membership Committee; the Secretary, who is also the head of the Publications Committee; the Treasurer, who also leads the Finance Committee; the Academic Affairs Committee Head; the Internal Affairs Committee Head; the External Affairs Committee Head; and the Marketing Committee Head.

As leaders of the organization, the ExeComm is in charge of handling all affairs of the organization as well as representing it in events and activities that require such function. Members of the ExeComm also head the different events of the organization and make sure that each would be successful in meeting its objectives. They also make, upon approval of the majority of the members, important decisions that may have an implication on the overall welfare of the organization.

ExeComm is the steering committee of GEC’s biggest event, the Geodetic Engineering Student Conference, which is a nationwide symposium that aims to gather GE students from all over the Philippines to discuss trends and current issues in the GE profession and geospatial sciences.

The Executive Committee (AY 2013-2014)

Severino G. Domingo Jr.


Jommer M. Medina

Vice-President & Membership Committee Head

Jara Kaye S. Villanueva

Secretary & Publications Committee Head

Regis R. Guhiting

Treasurer & Finance Committee Head

Bienvenido G. Carcellar III

Academic Affairs Committee Head

Yvan Pagdonsolan

External Affairs Committee Head

Joey Ohmar I. Aranda

Internal Affairs committee Head

Rey Rusty A. Quides

Marketing Affairs Committee Head

Engr. Louie P. Balicanta

Faculty Adviser

The Standing Committees

THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE The official screening committee.

The Membership Committee (MemComm) is the body mandated to handle all affairs concerning membership to the organization. These tasks include the application process (i.e. acceptance of new members), renewal of membership, leave of absence, delinquency of members, and probationary membership. MemComm is also in charge of keeping all records pertaining to such tasks.

THE PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE Information. Connection. Commitment. Service.

As the name suggests, the Publications Committee (PubComm) is in charge with the release of all publication materials such as Polaris, the official newsletter of GEC, and other materials used to help promote the organization's events and activities, whether online, digital or in print. PubComm is also the organization's official production team, as most, if not all, of its exhibits and others things creative are made by this group of highly artistic people. Besides these tasks, it also heads EARTHistic, a Luzon-wide poster making competition among high school students which aims to promote geodetic engineering to prospective UP students.

THE FINANCE COMMITTEE Your ever friendly banking committee. Pay up, dirtball!

Inasmuch as funds tend to be the blood of any of the organization’s events and activities, carefully managing the finances is a very important task, and the Finance Committee (FinComm) takes on this tough job. FinComm also manages and coordinates all fundraising activities of the organization, and plans and allocates the funds to support its logistical needs.

THE ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE The ever dependable tutors and librarians. Need help?

Being an academic organization, GEC values academic excellence more than anything else. The Academic Affairs Committee (AcadComm) keeps all the organization’s academic resources and, more importantly, facilitates tutorials and other similar activities that help the members do well in their academics. AcadComm also heads two of the organization’s major events namely, The Geek Show, a University-wide quiz show, and Geoid Quiz, a Luzon-wide quiz bee among high school juniors which also aims to promote geodetic engineering to future UP students.

THE INTERNAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE The official gluing committee. Okay pal, stick 'em up!

The Internal Affairs Committee (Inte) is the house police force that ensures two things: keeping the tambayan and everything in it spic and span, and maintaining the family atmosphere among the members. Inte oversees all maintenance works such as general cleaning and repairs, as well as an inventory of equipments and tools of the organization. It also organizes bonding activities to keep everyone tight and to make sure, as Stitch puts it, “nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”

THE EXTERNAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE It's a big world out there. Glad to keep you in touch.

The External Affairs Committee (Exte) is the organization’s liaison team. As such, it is in charge of coordinating with other organizations and groups not only in the College but also in the entire University and, sometimes, even outside. It also brings concerns from outside of GEC to the members in order to keep everyone aware of the current and important issues that affect the organization and its members as students. Among the projects handled by Exte include blochandling, outreach programs and UP Fair boothing.

THE MARKETING COMMITTEE We make it happen, big time!

The Marketing Committee (Mktg) works hand in hand with FinComm to gather enough funds for the organization’s major events. It is in charge of contacting various companies to sponsor our events, and it also makes sure that a good relationship is made along with the partnership. Simply put, Mktg facilitates fundraising at a scale larger than what FinComm does.



Block Handling - The Club yearly participates in the Freshmen Orientation Program (FOPC) wherein we are given GE freshmen blocks to orient and guide in their first few days in the university. This is where they get to know their blockmates, elect their block officers, eat free snacks at the tambayan, have a quick tour at the department and get to see and interact with a transit for the very first time.

Course Orientation - GE Club conducts course orientations in July. This activity helps new GE students other than freshmen to get to know the course better with instrument demonstrations, laboratory tours and talks with faculty members.


Applicant's Orientation - July is the start of the application period for the club. People we lured to join especially from the orientations get to have free snacks again.


GE CLUB ANNIVERSARY - This year, we are celebrating our 75th anniversary and the list of the week-long activities include:


Application Interview - A part of the application in the organization is the interview where wanna-be members undergo a series of questionings from the Membership Committee of the Club. As an applicant, you'll learn to value and love the organization and its members from this activity.

Final Rites - The last stage of the application usually takes place a week before the final exams. This is how the GE CLUB family grows.


Sem-Ender - After a grueling semester with academics and organization activities, the Club takes a break outside town sometimes swimming, mountain climbing and what-not.


Second Semester Application - The Club recruits new members every semester and this month is the start of the application for the second semester. Those who miss the application period on the First Semester can still apply during this month.

Ms. GEC - The men of the Club always looks forward to this activity because whoever wins the title, gets the prestige and honor of becoming the org's representative in the Ms. Eng'g. competition held during Engineering Week.


Engineering Week - The Club hosts the Volleybagan (a volleyball competition) and the Geoid Cup (a chess tournament) during this month. Members also join and contend with other Engineering-based organizations in other events like Awitan and Indakan, Smoker Night and the Ms. Engineering.



A Pair To Remember - During love month, the club picks a lucky couple to go on a date sponsored by the members of the club.


Applicant's Interview / Final Rites - More people are added to the GE Club family.

Sem-Ender - GE Club family never ends the semester without renewing bonds and friendship with each other. That's why we are envied and looked-up to.

Contact Us

UP Geodetic Engineering Club MH 428, Vila Wing, Melchor Hall College of Engineering University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City 1101

http://www.facebook.com/upgeclub http://www.facebook.com/GEStudentConference http://www.facebook.com/geoidquiz2013 http://www.facebook.com/earthistic http://www.twitter.com/UPGEClub upgeclub75@yahoo.com.ph

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