UP Deutscher Verein


The UP Deutscher Verein or the UP German Club is an academically-oriented and duly recognized college organization which aims to strengthen the ties between Germany and the Philippines through the promotion of the German language and culture within and beyond the confines of the University of the Philippines.


It first came into being in 1990 under the name “Gruppe 90 Deutscher Verein” and in 1994 simply became “Deutscher Verein”.

In pursuit of its aims, the club has been holding tutorials in the German language, sponsored talks on a breadth of interest about Germany by noted individuals, opened its modest library of rare collections to university students and launched various projects that serve to enhance interest in and understanding of Germany.

For the past nine years, the UP German Club together with the Department of European Languages has been involved in numerous projects such as exhibits and film showings. Since 1993, the Club has been sponsoring the inter-school quiz show entitled: “Kennen Sie Deutschland?” (Do you know Germany?). It was in 1997 when the club launched a German Week Festival showcasing Germany indifferent dimensions through an exhibit, talks and films.

At no other time in UP has interest in Germany been so remarkable. Students taking up German courses have for the past years been on the rise. Close to about 500 students are enrolled in various German courses. As a result of this dramatic development, the Department of European Languages has decided to offer an MA program in German beginning school year 1998-1999, the first of its kind in the Philippines. Meanwhile, the UP Deutscher Verein, keenly aware of the growing needs of the students, continues to provide for them in pursuit of its aims.


Set of Officers
AY 2011-2012

President: Joseph Tamayo (BA European Languages)
Vice-President for External Affairs: Irene Kate Banaag (BA European Languages) / Dianne Camille Guanzon (BA Sociology)
Vice-President for Internal Affairs: Christine Ann Abobo (BA European Languages) / Janica Monick Paras (BA Linguistics)
Membership Committee Head: Carl Joy Dayandante (BA European Languages)
Finance and Properties Committee Head: Pauline Bernadette Gesmundo (BA European Languages)
Academic Committee Head: Althea Barin (BA European Languages)
Secretary: Marguerette Esase (BA European Languages)


Ivana Rae Almora (BA European Languages)
John Chris Cuevas (BA European Languages)
Nicole Guigayoma (BA European Languages)
Cyrielle Claire Machan (BA European Languages)
Mary Cathleen Allyson Martin (BA European Languages)
Sushmita Murillo (BA European Languages)
Revenisis Papong (BA European Languages)
Bea Helene Tan (BS Chemistry)
Agnes Uzochika Aja (BA European Languages)


September 27-30, 2011 - José Rizal: The German Connection


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You may also visit https://www.facebook.com/updeutscherverein and "like" the page to know more about the UP Deutscher Verein.