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The University of the Philippines Association of Political Science Majors (UP APSM) is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization which aims to promote, encourage and support the objective study of Political Science. From its base at the University of the Philippines Diliman, the organization has served as a venue for academic enhancement and character development through various activities and programs.


UP APSM was conceived while five Political Science majors were savoring the intoxicating taste of San Miguel Beer on the sandy shores of Cavite on the fateful day of July 15, 1983. This convergence of great minds gave birth to an organization exclusive for Political Science majors with the objective of promoting, encouraging and supporting the study of the most sovereign among the social sciences, that is Political Science.

The Organization

The University of the Philippines Association of Political Science Majors (UP APSM) is a duly recognized organization in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. UP APSM is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization. It is composed of well-rounded political science students of the university as well as honorary members from other disciplines who share UP APSM’s principles and have contributed to the well being of the organization.

Since its inception in 1983, UP APSM has stood by its objective of promoting, encouraging, and supporting the objective study of Political Science. Apart from regular discussion groups among its members, UP APSM has been organizing fora and symposia on relevant topics relating to the discipline and to salient national issues of the day. Recognizing the call to service inherent to being Iskolar ng Bayan, outreach programs are another staple in the organization’s activities. On top of this, UP APSM has been actively participating in various college and university activities.

In keeping with our maxim of being the Primus Inter Pares (which translates to First Among Equals), UP APSM’s tradition of leadership is manifested in the quality of our members and alumni. Several of our members for this school year hold key positions in various regional and academic organizations both within and outside the university. A number of our alumni have served the college’s student council. Moreover, some of our current members have won in the recently held university elections for both university and colleges’ student councils; Political Science Department Representatives to the Student Council for almost a decade now have come from our organization. UP APSM is where both ends of the political spectrum meet. Different viewpoints co-habit in an environment of openness. This tradition allows us to be the melting pot of multifaceted individuals who sometimes hold conflicting convictions – several of our members are affiliated with opposing political parties in the college and the university.

However, UP APSM’s leadership extends beyond the confines of UP Diliman. In realizing the organization’s objectives, it has consistently sought partnerships with other political science organizations from different colleges and universities. Proof of this is our status as founding member of the Association of Political Science Organizations of the Philippines (APSOP).

Organization officers for the Academic Year 2014-2015

President: Ma. Clarissa S. Maligon

Secretary General: Jan Louise Grace A. Bollozos

Vice-President for Academics: Justin Keith A. Baquisal

Vice-President for External Affairs: Christine Faye S. Dumagan

Vice-President for Finance: Tiffany D. Chang

Vice-President for Internal Affairs: Angelica Jhoy A. Escocio

List of Activities in the Previous Years

• Sponsor in the screening of “The Manchurian Candidate” (in the UP Film Center)

• Participation in Alternative Class Learning Experience (ACLE)
“Imelda” – Most attended ACLE in 2004 (in cooperation with Unitel Pictures)
“Supersize Me”
“Constant Gardener”
“Hotel Rwanda”
“Rules of Engagement”

Project Polity: Political Science Orientation (AY2004-2005)

• Fora:
“The Carnival of Counting” with former Vice President Teofisto Guingona and Rep. Francis “Chiz” Escudero
“Reviving Martial Law” with Rep. Satur Ocampo
“Untamed Conflict and Arrested Development: Finding A Way Out of the Vicious Cycle” with AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Hermogenes Esperon

• Institution Visits:
House of Representatives
National Bilibid
Tahanan ng Sta. Luisa

• Co-presentor:
Junior Social Scientists Congress of the Philippines (JSSCP)
Association of Political Science Organizations of the Philippines Congress

• Miss APSM

• Participation in PolSci Week Activities
Miss Polis
PolSci Exhibit

• Participation in College of Social Sciences and Philosophy “KAPPALAKASAN”, the college’s inter-department intramurals

• UP APSM Anniversary Week
Open Tambayan
Pulitikalokohan, a quiz show on Political Science and Popular Culture
Anniversary Night


The University of the Philippines Association of Political Science Majors (UP APSM) have established the tradition of excellence in the academic sphere, imparted outstanding involvement in both college- and university-based activities and rendered service to the community upon its founding and recognition for the past 25 years.

The pursuit of excellence UP APSM is known for was highlighted on its 25th year anniversary celebration revolving around the theme “Forged in Flames, Fuelled by Power,” under the remarkable leadership of the silver year president Marinel Ramos.

The Academics Committee, overseen by the visionary Mark Ivan C. Galura, has promoted academic excellence through numerous and relevant forums, discussion groups, and other information dissemination activities for the benefit not only of the members nor of CSSP’s students, but for the whole UP community. Moreover, UP APSM released an its official stand on the Codified Rules on Student Regent Selection Referendum. UP APSM also held Diskurso sa Ika-Bentesingko Series, a series of public discussion for a the organization held for the duration of the Academic Year 2008-2009.

The Externals Committee, led by the ever-bubbly go getter Ruth Abigail R. Acero, has promoted good relations with the different sectors of society including other organizations, the academe, media, the whole UP community, as well as both the government and non-government organizations, and was laudable in the effective management of the organization’s publicity. Last year, UP APSM shared their love to the kids of the Mandaluyong City Medical through its institution visit, held caroling activities and helped aid one of its prominent members, Kim Yee, in successfully leading the Association of Political Science Organizations of the Philippines (APSOP) with, as the Secretary General and Head of Internals.

The Internals Committee, headed by the dynamic Kristine Borja, who is also the current CSSP rep to the USC, has conducted several fruitful application processes and concluded the 4th and 5th season of EDGE application process producing 24 new set of golds forged in flames. The committee also effectively held activities geared towards the development of the members’ welfare. Competition breeds excellence indeed, as the different committees of UP APSM competed for the Sparks Committee title in the various Intramurals, Inter/Intra Committee, competition. APSM also brought back ‘Pulitikalokohan: The Ultimate Joketime Quizbee Challenge’.

The Finance Committee, preceded by the compassionate Kristia Lorraine V. Caringal, has successfully held events and activities that generate funds for the organization and efficiently supervised the collection of fees. For the purpose of extending the organization’s services to the rest of the UP community, the organization together with the partner establishments released the UP APSM Discount Card: For Us and For All Our Fellow Students. UP APSM also successfully launched Runaway Cupid 2: Going once in Luck, Going twice in Love, a post-valentine human auction event.

The Secretariat Committee, run by the hands on leadership of Yetlen Labaro, has also produced wonderful exhibits as part of the celebration of the Political Science Week, Academic Circle Week, and during the anniversary week of UP APSM and also maintained the official organization website: www.upapsm.com. UP APSM also regained the ever-coveted Miss Polis Crown in the culminating activity of the Miss Polis pageant.

List of Activities for the 31st Year

Fora and Discussion Groups

Institution Visits

Quiz Bees

Grand Pakain and Exhibit

Contact Us

E-mail: upapsm.exec31@gmail.com
Mobile: 0917.340.7025
1/F East Wing, Palma Hall, University of the Philippines Diliman

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