UP Asosasyon ng mga Kabataang Artista, Kritiko, at Iskolar ng Sining at Kultura



UP ASTERISK (Asosasyon ng Kabataang Artista, Kritiko, at Iskolar ng Sining at Kultura - Unibersidad ng Pilipinas) is a student organization and artist collective based in the College of Arts and Letters, University of the Philippines, Diliman. Geared towards both the production and criticism of all forms of art: music, literature, visual art, and performance, UP ASTERISK facilitates workshops, educational discussions, and film viewings, and mounts exhibits, performances, and other art-related events in the hopes of promoting art and culture and its significance in the Philippine landscape.


U.P. Asosasyon ng Kabataang Artista, Kritiko at Iskolar ng Sining at Kultura (ASTERISK) was founded by eight Art Studies students in 2006 to promote art practice and scholarship, and provide a support group for students and enthusiasts of art through field training. Over the years, the organization has evolved from pure art criticism and scholarship to art production with the inclusion of new members from various fields including Mass Communication, Fine Arts, and Literature.

On its first year, the organization focused on building a base of art scholars and enthusiasts devoted to the promotion of art as a legitimate force in building and improving the society. During the Academic Year 2006-2007, the organization boosted its membership efforts, yielding two successful batches: Batch Uno and Batch Techie.

The following academic year saw the rise of the organization as a legitimate body in the College of Arts and Letters, spearheading the campaign to market the Art Studies program to high school students in both private and public schools. In light of the university's tuition and other fee increases, the organization took the initiative to promote the program through activities encompassing high school students about to take the UPCAT. In 2007-2008, the organization won the most prestigious award for CAL Organizations: The Most Outstanding College of Arts and Letters Organization. This success, coupled with the organization's weekly activities cemented its position as a body promoting arts and culture whether rewarded or not.

Executive Committee

Chairperson: Kei Taira (BA Art Studies)

Vice Chairperson for Internal Affairs: Khay Marzan (BA Sociology)

Vice Chairperson for External Affairs: Keren Pono (BA Speech Communication)

Vice Chairperson for Academics: Raymond Doromal (BA Theatre Arts)

Vice Chairperson for Publicity: Ches Gatpayat (BA Art Studies)

Vice Chairperson for Finance: Nichole Popatco (BA Art Studies)

Secretary-General: Janina Batislaong (BA Art Studies)


First Semester 2018-2019

Academics Committee Raymond Doromal, Ervic Angeles

Externals Committee Keren Pono, Regina Apostol

Finance Committee Nichole Popatco, Jc Quirong

Internals Committee Khay Marzan, Emmanuel de Los Santos

Publicity Committee Ches Gatpayat

Secretariat Janina Batislaong


Since its inception in 2006, UP ASTERISK has held more than 100 formal and informal events organized and facilitated by members and experts in the fields of art production, scholarship, and criticism. More than any other organization in the university, UP ASTERISK provides students with venues to share what they know and help fellow students improve on their skills and talents. UP ASTERISK is also a regular participant of the Annual Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) holding some of the most attended sessions.

Nothing however can match the organization's annual February Event, celebrating its anniversary with a combination of all its popular events - Freelikula, Kwenkap, Sining Series-Exhibit, and Interschool Workshop. ASTERISK's exhibits are popular because they showcase its members own artworks while its Interschool Workshop combines membership training and development while sharing these experiences with high school students.


Our European wine, the illustrados ignited the Philippine Revolution. Over cooked endives, the Lost Generation produced modern American Art. Over banana cues, Cueshé redefined Philippine rock and roll. The tradition of combining food with the study of art has led to innovative changes in the world of art and society. Though its members are yet to be brilliant artists and scholars, UP ASTERISK has taken upon itself the task of continuing tradition through KwenKap. Short for Kwentuhan and Kapehan, Kwenkap is an informal discussion of art over coffee. It serves as a training ground for members, helping them review for exams and do homework in art-related subjects. Topics may range from post modernism to the hottest Filipino bands. For art enthusiasts who love studying art over good food, Kwenkap delivers sweet satisfaction.


There's a tiger waiting to be unleashed in every person. Many people are actually spectacular thespians award-winning writers, and diva dancers - they just don't know it yet. Through its workshop, UP ASTERISK aims to turn talent pussies into great felines of skill. Intensive and intimate, the workshop trains members to master the crafts of creativity. It involves hands-on activities that allow people to become artists in the process of appreciating art.


Freelikula is one of UP ASTERISK’s many events and activities each semester. The purpose of this activity is to feature various videos, movies, documentaries, and even mediated performances of excellent quality absolutely free of charge. The films are screened, selected and viewed by UP ASTERISK members before they are featured. UP ASTERISK believes that film is an effective art form in promoting awareness on certain issues and topics in relation to art. Film can also be effective in presenting concepts and ideas essential in motivating artistic minds.


You don’t need to be a talent show clown to show what you’ve got or stay inside a house to be a star! In UP ASTERISK’S Kultnight (cultural night), you’ll be appreciated, not lambasted. Being an artist, critic and scholar of arts and culture is a BIG thing and we need to unwind from time to time. What better way to unwind that share your talents in a venue where you’re seen, heard, appreciated and accepted? Cultural Nights are events where members of UP ASTERISK and members of other organizations are invited to perform. Sing, dance, act, even write an essay on-stage, you name it, just do it!

Field Trips (“asTOURisk”)
Talking about art is one thing, but seeing it, FOR REAL is another. Talking about art over coffee is fun but talking about art when you’re right in front of it will make you appreciate it even more. With the organization’s links to the Department of Art Studies and various institutions in the country, it gets the exclusive privileges to see the works before they are even open to the public. Also, part of UP ASTERISK Sining Series are museum tours, participation on exhibit openings and other tie-up activities that encourage harmony with other organizations of the same objectives and principles like ours.

*Art is everywhere. Where ever art is, ASTERISK is sure to be there.

Student Leaders

Edwin Valdez (BS Community Development) - Department of Community Development Representative to the CSWCD-SC (2018-2019)

Kei Taira (BA Art Studies) - No. 1 CAL-SC Councilor (2015-2016)

Gian Carlo Delgado (BA Art Studies) - Department of Art Studies Representative to the CAL-SC (2015-2016)

Geia de la Pena (B Fine Arts: Visual Communication) - CFA-SC Vice-Chairperson (2011-2012)

Jon Louis de Leon (BA Art Studies) - Department of Art Studies Representative to the CAL-SC (2010-2011)

Hanna Keila Garcia (BA Sociology) - Department of Sociology Representative to the CSSP-SC (2009-2010)

Rina Lee Garibay (B Fine Arts: Studio Arts) - CFA-SC Councilor (2009-2010)

Virna Pamela Odiver (BA Art Studies) - Department of Art Studies Representative to the CAL-SC (2009-2010)

Danim Majerano (BA Art Studies) - CAL Representative to the USC (2009-2010) and CAL Councilor (2008-2009)

Vincent Paul Ronquillo (BA Creative Writing) - No. 1 CAL-SC Councilor (2008-2009)

Camille Cham Bianca Reyes (BA Art Studies) - Department of Art Studies Representative to the CAL-SC (2007-2008)

Rose Angelique Dizon (BA Art Studies) - No. 2 USC Councilor (2008-2009), CAL Representative to the USC (2007-2008), Department of Art Studies Representative to the CAL-SC (2006-2007)


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