UPFM Historical Notes

From Iskomunidad
  • 13 Dec 2011 (10:36p): a "Request for Comments on a Project: Low-power FM Transmission on Campus" was posted on iskWiki
One of the early calls to UP bands
  • Early 2012: Dawn of DILC worked on a streaming server; Jat (also with DILC then) made the website. Representations were made with Chancellor Saloma, CMC Broadcom Dept, DZUP. DZUP, music and other orgs came on board. Submissions from local bands to Bianca's Talatogtogan DZUP program became the initial set of files for streaming. More volunteers joined. More meetings held.
  • One weekend in July 2012, UP-FM's Mission/Vision was formulated and came with food in the kitchen of MJ's apartment in Krus na Ligas: http://iskwiki.upd.edu.ph/index.php/UP-FM#Vision_and_Mission

More partners signed up. More initiatives done.

Maroon Bench Jam Joyride 2 - circa 2013
Maroon Bench Jam 1.jpg
    • Feb 23, 2013: first concert for Maroon Bench Jam
    • Sinag, Jeff, Bianca, Dey, FGUP, DZUP Radio Circle (at marami pang mga volunteers) staged a UPFM concert (with short films in between acts) at Conspiracy Bar on Friday, October 18, 2013. The event was dubbed "Maroon Bench Joyride Jam 2."
    • upCurrents, an app available on Google Play and iTunes, was developed by Dan Villareal and student interns. It plays both dzup and up-fm on mobile devices.
  • 2014: DZUP Circle and FGUP ran campaigns to promote UPFM and upCurrents in 2014.
    • UPFM, with FGUP and Radio Circle, led Himigsikan 2014 by OICA.
  • Jan 15, 2014: first live broadcast on DJ mode, interrupting a 24/7 playlist when a DJ logs in, resuming when the DJ logs out.