Tropang Radyo May 2019 Episode

Tropang RadYo May 2019 Episodes

Date Theme Episode Topic On-Board
May 2, 2019 Love Searching/Job Searching Facing the Interview Katropang Marc, Janyn, Carl, Gian
May 3, 2019 Love Searching/Job Searching Getting the Job/Not Getting the Job Katropang Jane, Neil, Chryl
May 6, 2019 May Something... May Amoy Katropang Carl, Janyn, Marc
May 7, 2019 May Something... May Kilig Katropang Janyn, Carl, Chryl
May 8, 2019 May Something... May Mali Katropang Gian, Jane, Annica
May 9, 2019 May Something... May Chance Katropang Annica, Gian, Neil
May 10, 2019 May Something... May Laban Katropang Marc, Chryl, Neil
May 14, 2019 Bilangan Na! Addition (+) Katropang Chryl, Marc, Carl
May 15, 2019 Bilangan Na! Subtraction (-) Katropang Jane, Annica, Gian
May 16, 2019 Bilangan Na! Multiplication (x) Katropang Janyn, Chryl, Neil
May 17, 2019 Bilangan Na! Division (÷) Katropang Gian, Marc, Carl
May 20, 2019 GOT Philippine Politics? Daenarys: Just but Entitled Katropang Jane, Carl, Annica
May 21, 2019 GOT Philippine Politics? Jon Snow: Worthy but Naive Katropang Carl, Jane, Janyn
May 22, 2019 GOT Philippine Politics? Tyrion: Intelligent but Unloved/Unpopular Katropang Neil, Janyn, Marc
May 23, 2019 GOT Philippine Politics? Cersei: Powerful but Selfish Katropang Annica, Gian, Neil, Chryl
May 24, 2019 GOT Philippine Politics? Arya: Capable but Small Katropang Marc, Gian, Chryl
May 27, 2019 Traffic Signs as Love Signs Priority Signs Katropang Jane, Janyn, Annica
May 28, 2019 Traffic Signs as Love Signs Direction Signs Katropang Janyn, Annica, Jane
May 29, 2019 Traffic Signs as Love Signs Prohibitive/Restriction Signs Katropang Carl, Neil, Marc
May 30, 2019 Traffic Signs as Love Signs Speed Signs Katropang Gian, Chryl, Carl
May 31, 2019 Traffic Signs as Love Signs Parking Signs Katropang Marc, Chryl, Gian