The UP Diliman Assistant Registrar

The Assistant Registrar


Rosella S. Moya-Torrecampo was appointed Assistant University Registrar effective November 2011. She is an Associate Professor at the College of Arts and Letters (CAL), where she has taught and likewise served as Assistant to the Chair for several terms, from 1985-2007, and then again from 2011 to the present. She has also served as Programs Development Associate (PDA) for the UP Vice President for Public Affairs and the University Secretary's Office during the Javier Administration. Concurrently connected with the UP Open University (UPOU) from the time of its inception to the present in the capacity of Course Writer, Editor, Tutor and Faculty in Charge, it was in 2008 when she transferred to the UPOU on a full time basis where she became Program Chair for the Diploma in Language and Literacy, and the Masters in Education programs, at the same time that she was the PDA in charge of the Diliman unit of the UPOU Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services. Her return to the Department of English and Comparative Literature (DECL) is a full circle in an academic journey, inasmuch as it was from the DECL of CAL where she not only spent the longer part of her teaching career that, from November 1985 to date, spans twenty five years; it is also where she started in June 1982 as a student, earning in October 1985, as among the first graduates of the newly instituted College of Arts and Letters, an AB English major in Imaginative Writing, magna cum laude. From 1989, she took full time graduate studies as a USAID-FAPE Local Faculty Development Scholar. She later graduated from the same institution, with an MA in Comparative Literature, majoring in folklore studies and critical literary theory in 1991. Her thesis applying structural linguistics and anthropology to the folklore of Silang, Cavite was adjudged, with no revisions meted after defense and deliberation, as having passed 'with high distinction.' Her thesis represents one of the first two studies in the DECL that deal with technical structural linguistic and anthropological literary analysis and application that successfully bridge the gap in local literary history between formalist and post structural inquiries.

In the course of her work, she has performed extension services and corporate development projects for various private and public institutions, academia and entities at local, national, and international levels as communications consultant engaged mostly in language, literacy, and communications programs development, evaluation, training, resources building, and management, including as the most recent, involvement with the Commission on Information and Communication Technology (Now the ICTO under the DOST), and the Instructional Materials Council Secretariat of the Department Education. Since 2000 she has been accredited as currently the first of only two in UP Diliman, and among the few within the professional circles of English practitioners in the Philippines to earn and maintain a practice as a licensed English Language Examiner as certificated by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate. She is also the only practitioner in the Philippines to have earned a Business English Language Testing license also from University of Cambridge Local Examinations. In the Philippines, among either the locally-based native speakers or the Filipino licensed professionals, she is the longest practicing English Language Examiner, with an active license successfully validated within the unbroken period of ten years of having to take rigorous licensure examinations annually.

Also engaged in what she considers "closet" creative writing primarily as hobbyist, this practice keeps alive learning gained from early training as a former local fellow for fiction to the 1988 UP Creative Writing Summer Workshop, and as an honorary member of the UP Writers Club. Through a DECL award of a Ford-Rockefeller grant in 1993, her efforts in poetry writing have gained exposure, publication, and some amateur awards opportunities abroad. As a Betty Go-Belmonte Professorial Chair Awardee for Comparative Literature, the chair of which she held twice as successive grants, and as a researcher and member of the Reading Association of the Philippines, UP Folklorists, and the UP Folklore Society, she is also a published writer, peer reviewer, and editor of internationally released technical reports, local books, manuals, journals, resources and scholarly articles. Prof Torrecampo has built a corpus on local history and cultural studies on Tagalog folk literature, with Silang, Cavite as the research locus, as well as maintained a presence in academic circles as lecturer/trainer and speaker.