The Reel Life of Policemen

The Reel Life of Policemen: Mass-Mediated Fictional Portrayals of Policemen in Filipino Prime Time Television Dramas and Movies


This study explored mass-mediated portrayals of policemen in Filipino prime time television dramas, namely: May Bukas Pa, Noah, and Pilyang Kerubin and movies, Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, Misstaken, and You Got Me through content analysis. The researcher then conducted focus interviews with directors, producers and scriptwriters of Filipino prime time television dramas and movies who are the experts in these media. The researcher used the Dominant Ideology theory of Marx and the Dramatism theory of Burke as the theoretical guide. Data from the content analysis revealed that characterizations of policemen are composed of both positive and negative portrayals. The positive portrayals emerged with the highest frequencies. Devotion to duty, being presentable in terms of the proper use of the police uniform and being physically fit are the top portrayals of policemen. Directors, producers and scriptwriters also portrayed police characters positively from their past works. Experts revealed that the profession of the character does not dictate whether they would be portrayed positively or negatively. A positive or a negative portrayal would matter if the character is a lead or a supporting character. As such, there are no stereotypes of the police character in Filipino prime time television dramas and movies as what the PNP suggests. On the other hand, if such portrayals of police officers are to be made, experts make sure that these are what exist in reality.

Borgonia, G. A. R. (2011). The reel life of policemen: Mass-mediated fictional portrayals of policemen in Filipino prime time television dramas and movies. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Keywords: policemen, television, dramas, movies, directors, producers, scriptwriters, filipino

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Subject Index : Police--Philippines, Television cop shows--Philippines