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This film thesis examines the ability of a person to breakthrough factors in the world that could paralyze a person’s thoughts and emotions. The setting of child trafficking was used to reinforce the feeling of being trapped. In the story, the lead character is a victim of child trafficking. He was abused and maltreated when he was younger and this resulted to apathy and complacency. For many years, he thought that his life was acceptable. Nothing better could be done. He is pushing aside pain, neglecting trauma and brushing off truth. However, he does not realize his current state until he is given the responsibility of watching over a girl, so full of vigor and innocence. Because he is now exposed to a person who is his exact opposite, he begins reflecting and questioning his life. The innocent girl challenges him to break free and “wake up”. The film questions the idea of passivity while dealing with a major social issue of child trafficking. It presents how cruelty and neglect can affect a child’s future and outlook in life. It also expresses the point that all individuals have a choice whether to just accept their present fate or strive for a more purposeful life.

Esteban, A.N (2012). Tanglaw, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines, College of Mass Communication

Keywords: Awakening, Child Trafficking

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