Strings and Bridges

From Iskomunidad

Title: Strings and Bridges

Abstract: Strings and Bridges tells the story of Bea, who finds herself with an unfinished composition and unresolved issues with her mother after the sudden death of her father. Overcoming these, she finds her own identity in her composition and plays it in her graduation recital.

The film shows the struggle of a musician to go beyond her capabilities in order to create great music. Death triggers negative emotions to humans, the feeling of loss, the forms of death (art, relationships and physical) and the institutions, play roles as different forms of struggle to block from creating a beautiful work of art. The film takes form as a narrative drama music film, combining the elements of realism and music in order to convey insights about the value of self-expression, the society that demands conformity and music as a catharsis.

Keywords: College of Mass Communication, Film, Narrative, Music

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