Street Art in the Virtual Streets: A Textual and Spatial Analysis of Shifting Spaces of Street Art in Bacoor, Cavite

VILLENA, A. L. (2014). Street art in the virtual streets: A textual and spatial analysis of shifting spaces of street art in Bacoor, Cavite, Unpublished undergraduate thesis. University of the Philippines, Diliman: College of Mass Communication.


     As the Internet increasingly pervades people's everyday lives, it grows in importance in informing human's perception of identity, meaning and reality. It contributes to the conception of a visualized worldview.
     This study focuses on how the internet relates to the experience of street art. It closely examines how the shift between virtual and actual space affects this experience, using my own personal journey as a means of gathering and analyzing this spatial shift. It narrates my experience as an adventure from the beginning to the end, taking note of key factors in the journey: the process of familiarization with the art through the Internet that led me to Cavity Collective, and later, to Bacoor City in Cavite, struggilng in the real while being guided only by virtually informed imagination, creating a dialogue with the city and its people, and exploring the city like a gallery of roads,  highways, streets and all the things that make up the physical environment. 
     Finally, it concludes that the virtual and actual space, in this case,  mutually and simultaneously exist to contribute to the experience of street  art. Virtual space, however, reduces street art to mere images, stripping it of its ontology, and creating for it a separate entity both attached and detached
from what I prefer to call the real.

Keywords: Street Art, Cavity Collective, virtuality, Internet, Space

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