Socialize How The Television Networks Utilize Social Media For Their Entertainment Programs


This study examines the role of social networking sites (SNS) for the television networks. It aims to describe how the television networks utilize SNS and understand their experiences in utilizing this medium. The researcher used McLuhan’s Technological Determinism, that technology shapes society, as the approach of this study. Also, Friedman’s 5Cs of New Media – communication, collaboration, community, creativity, and convergence – was used to frame the utilization of the features of the SNS that the networks are using. Through contextual analysis of the Facebook and Twitter pages of the networks and focus interviews with the networks’ representatives, the researcher tried to present how the networks are utilizing this medium. The television networks’ purposes, issues and measurements of effective social media use are also presented in this study. It was found that the main purpose of the networks in utilizing SNS was for information dissemination and feedback. SNS also became a community-builder as fans of the networks connected and interacted with each other through the medium. Convergence of content became evident as announcements, links, photos and videos are present in a single message. Security, technical and legal issues are experienced by the networks. However, they address these issues by creating social media policies for their networks. Lastly, it was found that the networks are already using developed software in measuring the effectivity of their social media use.

Patriwirawan, M. P. (2011). Socialize! : How the television networks utilize social networking sites for their entertainment programs. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

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Subject Index : Social media, Television--Philippines