Smartphone apps shaping and reshaping online journalism

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Smartphone Apps: Shaping and Reshaping Online Journalism

ABSTRACT Castro E. C. (2012) Smartphone apps: Shaping and reshaping online journalism. Unpublished undergraduate thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

This study examines the existence and the growing number of news applications for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Two key informants from University of the Philippines Diliman, College of Mass Communication were interviewed regarding the latest developments on online journalism, smartphone availability and news applications, while three editors from Philippine broadsheets provided insights and history about their company’s news applications. An app developer was also interviewed about the efficiency of the news applications. A focus group discussion was also conducted with students coming from UP Diliman and New Era University. It was found in this research that the availability and affordability of smartphones and tablets attract consumers to purchase a device. The broadsheet editors revealed that the existence of their own news app was to accommodate the growing number of smartphone users in the Philippines while it is also being used to create hits to their websites. Students also stated their interest in having a smartphone and installing free news applications to get news updates easily through wireless internet. This study also found out that news apps continuously reshape online journalism, in the sense that newswriting today has become quick and in real time. The reception of news by those who are using news apps has also dramatically changed. It has become swifter.

Key Words: Applications, Apps, Online, Online Journalism, Smartphone, Tablet, Android, iOS, Interaksyon, ABSCBN, GMA7, Philstar, Inquirer, Broadsheets, Journalism, Download, Internet

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